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Brown is the new world’s entertainment & lifestyle e-magazine, with authors strategically positioned around the world.

Brown provides an all-encompassing news and guide to from street to affluent lifestyle, travel, entertainement, food, motors, sports etc. including informative and interesting articles, together with news, reviews, features, and exclusive interviews from artist, talents, sportsman, influencers and interesting personalities from around the globe.

Our team of editors, writers and influencers are young generation, with fresh ideas sharing real life experience all that is interesting, auspicious and indulgent in order to provide our readers with independent unbiased articles, features and reviews of the best products and services that anyone can buy. Our team staffs are researchers, who are able to procure up-to-the-minute news for our discerning readers, consistently providing information on world activities and opportunities, new products and services, entertainment insights and exciting global events.

Our magazine design is very user friendly that stands out for any product or service advertisements allowing them to promote and showcase their business, products to the right set of interested audiences, we reach over 1 + million active readers everyday through our search engine marketing, social media, and email subscribers.