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Things you Should Definitely Try with your BFFs ft. ‘The Bold Type’

Don’t have the foggiest idea how to have crazy fun with your girl gang? Relax! We have you covered!

Whenever we talk about The Bold Type, the first thing that strikes the chord is the bond between Jane, Kat, and Sutton and the unusual fun they had throughout the series. There are bound to be many moments that epitomize how to mess around with your best friends, not only while celebrating but during life crises too.

Scroll down to reminisce the moments that every girl wants to treasure with her gang!

The Subway Scream
Image source: Getty Images

In the first episode of this series itself, the girls triumphed over their friendship. All under various stresses, Jane, Kat, and Sutton, screamed it all away as they waited for the subway in their glamorous evening gowns. The most iconic moment of The Bold Type portrays how the tight trio releases their emotions into the ether and allows us to do likewise. Often, in the wake of many friendship-related or other stressors in our lives, we need to let our frustrations out. But don’t you think we are all bored doing so in front of our mirrors or inside the comforter? Not knowing where else to go, these girls introduced how we can hang tight for the thunder rolling subway to come so that we can scream all of our troubles away.

Triple Date
Image source: Getty Images

A girl’s date or a double date is fine, but what’s it with a triple date? The trio decided to go on a triple date through a group dating app. If your date insists you stay, you will always find some reason to leave, and your friend will back you up. However, if the double date turns sour, you can always go home with your friend for a movie night or sitting next to each other on a couch, meme-surfing. Either way, you’ll have a silly yet fun experience with your girl gang to look back to.

Confession night
Image source: Getty Images

After holding their feelings about what each of them has been going through, the trio comes together and confess what they’ve been holding in. No matter how much you enjoy or party with your friends, it’s always delightful to have a confession night with your close friends to vent out your feelings. Moving on is always more difficult than one might expect, but communicating your feelings brings you a step closer. So, how about ditching a movie night to have a confession night!

‘Let’s have our moment’ selfie
Image source: Freeform

The girls never fail to capture their special moments on their cameras, be it their “Paris-selfie” after Sutton and Kat figure out how to get Jane to Paris with them; the “I got the job selfie” when Jane gets her dream job; or “the campaign selfie” when Jane and Sutton help Kat with her election campaign. With regards to obsessional tech habits, clicking pictures probably isn’t the worst for friendships. After all, this will provide lasting memories that you can look back on in years to come and cherish the memories you all shared. So, start capturing some really special moments with your friends, be it your first fight together or your first-ever drunk night.

Bathtub bonding time
Image source: IMDB

Meeting the significant other of your best friend is stressful enough, but somehow everyone needs to find the light at the end of the tunnel when everything seems to go wrong. Dealing with various crises, all three girls were intoxicated in one way or another, sitting and ended the night in the bathtub together. No matter what craziness goes on in our lives, we have our friends to come together and support each other. Even in bathtubs!

Propose to disclose

Ever thought to propose your bestie talk about their problems? No? Then you need to try this! At the point when Jane didn’t consent to discuss what she was going through, Kat bowed down and proposed to share her concern or, more than likely, she will not get up. Eventually, Jane needed to share, and she agreed to feel good thereafter. All in all, there are always some silly ways to help your friends out, and this is one to try!

Closet pep talk
Image source: Getty Images

As Sutton Brady mentioned in one of the episodes, “We don’t do washrooms, we do closets.” It drew attention to the space shared by women to exchange thoughts, anger, frustration, and joy. For the girls, the fashion closet of the Scarlet Magazine was a sacred spot for exciting announcements, emotional freakouts, as well as unsettled confessions. So, why not have an uncommon place which feels like home and resuscitates your feelings to have a conversation that usually happens in a women’s washroom in pubs and bars. 

Karaoke night

Who can fail to remember the girls singing ABBA’s “Mamma Mia” at the karaoke bar? And turns out they can all sing along with Kat’s crazy dance moves! Karaoke is always a fun plan amongst your friend group for Friday night fun. There isn’t anything better than going to a bar that has karaoke where you can sing and dance all night long. They can be a hit or flop, depending on the mood of your group. So, when it comes to karaoke, there are hilariously good and downright cringe-worthy moments that every millennial can relate to. Those are the moments you and your friends live for and cherish forever.

Get ready for a photoshoot
Image source: Getty Images

When Sutton was dealing with some work emergency, she had her best friends to back her up as always. She chose to have her friends model instead of picking typical models to highlight real women. Moreover, isn’t it fun to get all dolled up with your girls and boost your confidence with a fun shoot along with collecting uncountable memories out of it?!

Road trip

When Sutton has to go back to her hometown to collect her birth certificate from her mom, Kat and Jane join her, making it an amazing road trip while eating food from a gas station, singing along to the radio, and getting drunk. A road trip is always a great way to hang out together, do things you love, have fun with each other, and create memories. So, turn the music up loud and enjoy your hearts out on a road trip.

Bachelorette dance

From performing ABBA karaoke, the girls perform an iconic choreographed dance at Sutton’s bachelorette party which surprisingly happens on the sets of Alice Knight’s shoot. What’s more happening than a special dance battle with your gang at a bachelorette? Wedding planning can surely be stressful, with the major stress of burning the calories for the big day. So why not burn it out together in the most memorable way? 

Raise a toast
Image source: Getty Images

The trio always hyped each other up with their silly yet heart-melting toasts. No matter what your glass is filled up with or what the occasion is, raising a toast with your besties is the new bold type of trend to sign off an awful day or celebrate a good one. So, raise your glass and say it out loud!

Masking session

Skincare is loved by most of the girls, right? So, why not do it with the girl gang? Turn the music up, change into your comfies and do a masking session together while gossiping about your favourite movie or life crisis, just like this new trio Jane, Ryan, and Alex did!

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So, what are you hanging tight for? Call your gang and try “The Bold Type” fun with them!

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  1. Safiya Khanam

    July 30, 2021 at 8:42 am

    This series was amazing and so is this article!

  2. Rajshree

    July 30, 2021 at 9:57 am

    Very well written! Super fun to read!

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