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15 Iconic Fits From ‘Friends’ Which are Still in Trend!

‘Friend’s’ fashion is everywhere with some iconic looks still making a statement while others… well see for yourself!

I’ll be there for you! It’s been 17 since Friends went off-air, yet, the recent Friends Reunion took many of us down memory lane to celebrate our favourite comfort sitcom. Friends is a complete pack of humour, friendship, romance, and a feeling of solace for those who have watched the series multiple times. But the best thing about it is the top-tier depiction of style and fashion.

Many of us have started rewatching Friends throughout our quarantine and rediscovered the iconic styles donned throughout the series. Watching a decade of nostalgic style and timeless trends is a treat in itself because of the three leading ladies who demonstrated classic style lessons and became timeless style muses in the fashion world. Look up to Rachel for amazing office wear, the dose of athleisure and, classic separates; turn to Monica for styling timeless denim or plaid shirts in the most casual way; while the bohemian lovers will be drawn towards Phoebe’s oversized clothing, chunky footwear and, accessories – Central Perk is the ultimate mood board.

Let’s delve into the most iconic outfits of the leading ladies that are even polished today!

Bohemian Style
Image source: (Left) Phoebe in bohemian dress via Getty Images; (Right) Model in Dior pre-fall 2021 collection via Getty Images

Phoebe had a unique sense of fashion which was not easy for everyone to pull off. Yet her confident self allowed her to make Bohemian style proudly her own. Her colourful clothing is a source of inspiration for many boho-chic outfits that we wear today.

Salty Crush

Plaid Skirt
Image source: (Left) Rachel’s iconic plaid skirt via Getty Images; (Center) Rachel via SeenIt; (Right) Victoria Beckham via D’Marie

Rachel’s plaid miniskirt paired with a simple sweater and knee-length socks was the most iconic. With her hair tied in a loose ponytail with some minimalist accessories, the whole look ensemble was simple, chic, and effortless, in true Rachel Green fashion. The look offers versatility as it can be paired with tights, boots, and a sweater if it’s too chilly.

Charcoal Clothing

Slip Dress
Image source: (Left) Monica via Getty Images; (Center) Rachel via Getty Images; (Right) Kendall Jenner via Nestia

It was certainly one of the sexiest trends of the decade, and the trio wasn’t afraid to rock it. Phoebe’s styling of a slip dress with chunky, lace-up biker boots looked both modern and retro. Rachel and Monica, too, looked sweet and snappy in a smooth slip dress, which they dressed down for daytime. These can be layered up with a tie-dye t-shirt, a chunky top or, paired with heels for an ultra-fancy look that is apt for apartment parties or retail therapy.  

The Scorleo

Button Down Tie-up Top
Image source: Rachel rocking all the three looks in button tie up tops via Getty images

Rachel was a major influencer for this look that seemed effortlessly thrown together. Although tying up the bottom of a button-down top has made its way back into fashion, giving off the vibe that you raided a vintage shop with a retro knotted uniform top and a cool printed high-rise skirt.

Cover Story

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Oversized Knitwear
Image source: (Left) Phoebe via Getty Images; (Center) Monica via Getty Images; (Right) Kendell Jenner via StyleBistro

The queen of bonkers and comfortable style, Phoebe wore an oversized sweater styled over a floaty maxi skirt, which still shows up on the runways for autumn/winter collections. Monica, too, embraced the casual look with a slightly oversized crewneck sweater and trousers. A simple yet cool fit, oversized knit sweaters are on the up, and we suggest stocking up.

Charcoal Clothing

Checked Shirt
Image source: (Left & Center) Monica via Getty images; (Right) Jessica of Girl’s Generation via Getty Images

One of Monica’s go-to looks was the checked shirt. She paired this up with basic denim and sneakers making an ideal off-duty look. Check is a big trend right now, combined with light wash denim or jeggings, sneakers, and a great bob; the look is low-key and timeless.

American Eagle

Matchy-Matchy Tailoring
Image source: Rachel rocking matchy tailored looks via Getty Images

This ensemble looks contemporary with its matchy-matchy colours and boxy shape. In one of the earlier Friend’s seasons, Rachel sported a monochromatic skirt-suit style with a buttoned-up jacket and maxi skirt, both in a matching blue-purple shade.

The Missy Co.

Image source: (Left) Rachel wearing plaid dress via Getty Images; (Right) A girl wearing gingham top via Glamour

Picnic prints made their rebound during the early seasons and are a strong trend till now. Rachel was the definition of cute and classy when she wore the gingham school dress back in season one, which gave major spring vibes.

Mellow Picks

Image source: (Left) Rachel via Getty Images; (Center) Monica via Getty Images; (Right) Monica via Getty Images

One of the shared wardrobe themes among the whole cast throughout the series was their common love for denim. Monica’s most loved go-to look – mom jeans paired with casual shirts or tanks – were never difficult to spot. On the other hand, Rachel pulled off the denim vest and dungarees in the best combinations possible. Playful and casual, the message is clear.


High Boots
Image source: (Left) Rachel in black high boots via Getty Images; (Right) Miranda Kerr via PopSugar

Be it pairing with a midi or a maxi skirt, Rachel proved you really could get a ton of wear out of this specific style of boots. Consider them the ideal addition to your winter wardrobe as these are one of the biggest 2021 trends. This not only elevates your style game but also gives an ultra-chic and classy look.


Layering Dress
Image source: (Left) Phoebe via Getty Images; (Center) Gigi Hadid via PopSugar; (Right) Kendell Jenner via Vogue

Layering, especially for slip and maxi dresses, is extremely popular in the current fashion landscape. A pro at layering her outfits, Phoebe wore this long-sleeve shirt under this strappy button-detail dress. This is a unique way to extend the life of those beloved summer dresses into the colder months or to give new life to a basic black dress. It never fails!

Turtle Necks
Image source: (Left) Rachel in green turtle neck via Getty Images; (Right) A lady in same top via Getty Images

Colour-blocked turtlenecks are depicting that Rachel has our winter wardrobe on lock. Basic yet modern, the turtleneck tank has become a must-have basic in the last few months, which again can be styled with a pair of jeans or a skirt for an effortlessly chic look.


Image source: Rachel in stylish overcoats via Getty Images

Coats have always been a classic on the runways in splendid tones and new fabrics. Rachel’s coat collection served as the major statement-making fashion, like this fierce leopard blazer, fluffy pink sweater, and the cow print overcoat which she so effortlessly pulled off.


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Athleisure Pants
Image source: (Left & Center) Rachel via Getty Images; (Right) Bella Hadid via Fustany

Showing us that casual can be cool, Rachel made a thing of athleisure-style pants long before it became one of the massive trends. We all have rocked such outfits, either in quarantine or while casual outings.


Sheer/Mesh Tops
Image source: (Left and Center) Rachel via Getty images; (Right) Nicole Scherzinger via Daily Mail

Another one is this simple yet elegant sheer style which never fails to give you a stylish look. Rachel paired them with a delicately layered blouse that highlighted embroidery and fluted sleeves. Rachel also wore this head-to-toe black ensemble with a blouse that featured sheer fabric and statement-making ruffles, which looked both simple and sophisticated.


Just like we celebrate every episode of ‘Friends’ with giggles and laughter, have a go at celebrating these astounding outfits to uplift your fashion game as well!

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  1. Anushka Dave

    July 1, 2021 at 8:31 am

    Loved it. This article is the testimony as to how trends have come back after all these years

  2. Safiya Khanam

    July 1, 2021 at 7:26 pm

    Love the way you wrote this!

  3. Saumya Singh

    July 6, 2021 at 7:21 am

    Can you please be my Stylist? This is such a lovely article

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