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Don’t Hold Your Tears Back – Here’s Why

It serves a purpose beyond clogging your nose or embarrassing you in public…

Woman crying her heart out via Shutterstock

Do you remember the last time you had a decent cry when you let out your sentiments or the last time you felt that sparkle on your skin in the wake of crying? Wouldn’t you say we cried more when we were kids and expressed our emotions without any care? Crying once in a blue moon is not harmful but always a relief because all of us need a good cry now or then.

Why do people cry?

It is suggested that crying assists you to release a range of emotions that are difficult to express. As per specialists, it is a characteristic human reaction to any feeling, which is why we get happy tears too.

There is a certain pleasure in weeping.”Ovid

The Japanese beliefs in the health benefits of crying are such that they have taken that wisdom to the next level by opening ‘crying clubs’ in some cities. These clubs are called ‘rui-katsu’, which literally means tear seeking, where individuals meet up to participate in ordinary sob fests.

Moreover, there is this stigma associated with crying where it’s believed that crying possibly happens when something terrible or tragic occurs. Since we have grown up, we hold back our tears to avoid being called weak, particularly in public. But is crying really a sign of weakness or something to be ashamed of?

Come on! For what reason would someone congratulate you for crying? But they should, in light of surprising evidence that uncovers that crying is useful for your body and mind. Grab the spoon to dig into some reviving reasons why crying is great so that you can all more promptly allow yourself to gear this astounding force of the human body.

Image: Young woman crying with a tear running down her cheek via Shutterstock

To weep is to make less the depth of grief.”William Shakespeare

It sometimes does wonders to your skin

This sounds ridiculous, but no one can deny the glow you get on your faces after crying because almost all of you have experienced this undoubtedly. It has been suggested that ordinarily, tears are produced using water, salt, lipids, lysozyme, and more, out of which lysozyme is an enzyme that helps us get rid of bacteria, theoretically battling skin breakouts and other unwanted microorganisms found on the face. Likewise, the salt substance makes the skin dry, which eventually brings that glow to our faces after crying.

Additionally, crying helps discharge stress-causing hormones like cortisol from the body, which can lessen premature signs of ageing, thereby giving an anti-ageing benefit as well.

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It soothes physical as well as mental pain

Crying is considered to be one of the best mechanisms to self-soothe. Studies have tracked down that crying enacts a specific nervous system in your body, referred to as the parasympathetic nervous system. This not only helps in bringing a soothing and calming impact to your body but also helps your body rest and digest food.

Image: Young woman with a sense of relief after crying via Shutterstock
Physiological benefits

Did you know crying is beneficial for the eyes and nose too?

Just like our body needs water to stay hydrated, our eyes work with the same phenomenon. When we cry, we truly serve to re-hydrate our eyes, which helps increase our ability to focus and thereby improve our vision.

Even our tear ducts are associated with the inner parts of our nose. That is why we get similar advantages of flushing out bacteria and irritants from our noses, just like we do from our eyes when we cry.

It helps you get rid of thousands of stress-based toxins and hormones, which helps you sleep better, strengthen your immune system, and avoid gaining weight.

It opens the lungs, washes the countenance, exercises the eyes, and softens down the temper.”Charles Dickens

It is one of the fastest ways to move on

Humans’ capacity to cry has a survival value. It is common for most people to develop feelings of sadness and anger after some tragic incident like the death of a closed one or a bad breakup. But bottling up and living with such feelings always leads one towards self-destruction. All of us need time to process the pain we inherit, yet it is said that those who cry their hearts out can heal faster and move forward towards a feeling of joy rather than those who waste time in resentment. Moreover, when we cry, we are actually balancing our emotional equilibrium.

Image: Tensed man via Shutterstock
It uplifts your mood instantly

Crying or even sobbing when you are in a bad mood helps you relieve your agony and lift your soul. You even tend to sob a lot while crying, which seems irritating at points, but this lifts your spirits. While sobbing, you inhale quick breaths of air which helps control and lower the temperature of your brain. After all, a cool brain functions better than a warm one. Thus, your mood may enhance after a sobbing episode.

You know that a good, long session of weeping can often make you feel better, even if your circumstances have not changed one bit.”Lemony Snicket, The Bad Beginning

It strengthens your relationship with others

We all have been at that one point where we couldn’t hold our tears any longer, but we are too ashamed and embarrassed to cry in public. However, not crying in front of others shouldn’t be considered awful. When you cry in front of others, you’re welcoming them to see an alternate side of yourself, thereby expressing those words and sentiments that words cannot convey. This can help develop a more profound, passionate connection with family, friends, and other people around you.

Image: A girl comforting her friend via Shutterstock

Crying is a delightful healing process as well as a courageous and natural form of self-expression. However, one should have the ability to detect the difference between a healthy cry and an unhealthy one. While a healthy cry is calming, an unhealthy one originates from self-pity and can prompt you to blame others for your problem without finding a way to deal with them.

It is often seen as something awful. However, by expressing your emotions, you are freeing yourself up for your own good. So, the next time you feel your lip start to tremble or your eyes start to fill, don’t hold it in. Let everything out and enjoy all the benefits those tears have to offer!

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    June 24, 2021 at 12:09 pm

    Crying is never bad, it’s a way to release all the emotions we are not able to articulate at times. Very well written!

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