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The Denim Edit – Styles To Try This Summer

Tired of the same old skinny’s? It’s time to revamp your wardrobe this summer.

Image Source: Skinny Jeans are no longer the go-to denim via Shutterstock

“In the right denim, a girl can conquer the world.”Razelle T.

While the 90s were considered fashion’s most favourite decade, the 2000-decade brought along trends of its own, and one of the biggest ones has to be ‘skinny jeans’. The ultimate throw-on-and-go piece, they pair with your favourite wear. Any denim can be considered the most reliable staple in the wardrobe, no matter what part of the world you’re from. Something that was introduced as a mining uniform in the 19th century hasn’t left our closets ever since. Skinny jeans have ruled our wardrobes for a major part of the 2000-decade. However, it gave room to boot-cuts, flares and bell-bottoms – only to make an expected comeback every single time. 

The past year has given everyone so much time to organize and clean closets while spending time at home. Also, with the whole paparazzi documentation of airport and off-duty looks over the years, there has been a lot of experimentation with comfortable cuts. Summertime calls for something breezy, comfortable and easy to move around in – so here are some denim styles worth adding to your wardrobe this season. 

Image Source: (Left) Bell-bottom denims via; (Right) Bell-bottoms via Getty Images

Pants with legs that become wider below the knee were trendy during the late 1960s and 1970s. The belled or flared part was originally a functional design and was worn by those who worked on boats since the 17th century. The large legs could be easily rolled up while doing messy jobs such as washing the decks. Also, if a sailor fell overboard, bell-bottoms could be easily pulled off over the boots/shoes and the wide legs inflated with air for use as a lifesaver. Bell-bottoms fit in well with the unisex style – both men and women wore them. And if we have to look at the current trend, bell-bottoms look great with a nifty crop top and sneakers. What say? Also, Zara has some styles that are definitely worth trying this season.

Cropped Denims  
Image Source: (Left) Cropped denims via Shutterstock; (Center) Cropped denims at Paris Fashion Week; (Right) Cropped denims via Getty Images

During summers, sometimes it’s too hot for long denims, and on other days, one may not be in the mood to wear shorts. That’s where cropped denims can prove to be your best bet – its hem may fall anywhere below the knee to above the ankle, depending on the design. A bonus is that they can be styled in many different ways. You can style them with a classic tee on a casual day out and sandals or sneakers. The shorter hem can be great to work with those booties and high-heeled sandals. At the same time, they can also be accessorized with smart blouses, handbags and various other accessories. On that note, Myntra has some really cool styles worth exploring.

Mom Jeans
Image Source: (Left) Mom Jeans via Adobe Stock; (Right) Mom Jeans via Getty Images

‘Low maintenance’ is the perfect way to describe them! Usually high-waist, rising above the navel area, these jeans are usually solid, light-blue colour, without any fading and stone washing. Mom jeans were previously believed to be uncool. The cyclical nature of fashion helped revive a style that has been overshadowed for long by reductive stereotypes about moms and everything related to motherhood. However, the interesting point is that the first jeans exclusively made for women were the Lady Levi’s jeans in the 1930s. To keep up with the casual aesthetic, you can pair your blue mom jeans with a skin-fit top tucked in and a belt. This versatile piece is a must-have for every season – it will keep you stylish, and you will also stay comfortable at all times while looking fabulous. And when it comes to keeping it minimalistic, H & M should be your go-to if you wish to explore more of this style!

Boot-cut Jeans 
Image Source: Boot-cut jeans via Getty Images

A style born during an era of ultimate self-expression; that’s when personalized denim was born – unfinished hems, DIY patchwork, and brightly coloured embroidery. Flower children and suburbanites used to split the seams of their straight-leg jeans and widen the leg openings by sewing in panels of different fabric – an ideal fit to wear with boots. This eventually lead to this makeshift style becoming flared and boot-cut jeans, as we know them today. These jeans became very popular among ranch workers and cowboys because they were comfortable and went with boots, necessary for everyday work. These jeans were designed for those who wanted durability and comfort. Modern boot-cut jeans are different from the classical – the waist height is lower and placed at about the belly button and below the natural waistline. You can style these with a casual tee during a day outing or with a pair of leather shoes and a tucked-in frilly shirt. Myntra‘s range is worth exploring if you wish to incorporate boot-cut jeans into your wardrobe.

Denim Culottes 
Image Source: Denim culottes via Getty Images

These cropped wide-leg pants are somewhere above the wearer’s ankles, between the knees and calves. A denim culotte is a perfect curation for your wardrobe this summer. It is best to pick a pair that hits you right at the ankle or longer; anything shorter will not cut it (but there’s never any harm in experimenting)! The key should be to create an elongating effect. You can style your pair with a top, a shrug layered over it and a pair of kitten heels as you decide to strut around the town with your girls. ONLY is offering some really nifty designs which will suit every body type.

Dungaree Denims
Image Source: Dungaree denims via Getty Images

Dungarees were invented for people involved in physical labour – the name of the dungaree is believed to have come from the Indian words ‘dungri’ or ‘dongerjins’, which were manufactured in the 1600s in ‘Dongri’, a village in Mumbai. Dungris were exported to England and used for manufacturing cheap working clothes. That’s when English began to call the ‘dungri’ cloth a little different, and it became ‘dungaree’. It was used to make utility uniforms in the United States Navy during World War One, and it was also used for working clothes of women during that time. Over the years, dungarees have witnessed a wide range of sizes, colours, fits and forms. You can pair your denim dungaree with a top of any colour and your pair of go-to sneakers. Easy to style and even easier to carry during a casual day out; find more of this style from Myntra‘s collection.  

They say that every summer has a story, so what have you been waiting for? Make this summer worth it by adding the choicest denim styles to your wardrobe.

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