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To the Unsung Heroes Forever – Celebrating All Moms on Mother’s Day

To the one who teaches us, laughs with us, dreams with us and loves us with all her heart. To all mothers.

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Do you remember the last time you talked to your mother just to say something nice or to appreciate her for no obvious reason? We’re used to approaching our moms for advice, support or wishing her a happy birthday, but they deserve much more than that! Motherhood cannot be compared to any other 8-5 job on this planet. Besides, It is a career solely motivated by pure and immovable love. While they are liable for uncountable responsibilities, often it may feel that they go unappreciated or under-appreciated. Being the first person we look at when we are born, they are the ones who are engraved into our souls. On this Mother’s Day, take a moment to tell your moms how much they mean to you.

You can’t miss these beautiful snippets from our Brown Magazine writers for their moms! Let’s reach out to all moms to remind them how loved and appreciated they are, just like our team did!

Madhurima Roy
Image left: Madhrima’s mom | Image right: Madhurima (right) with her mom (left)

I feel extremely blessed to have my mother always beside me guiding me through all the hurdles. We’ve always had a special bond and relationship. Just like a carbon copy, we look, act, sound-alike… almost like twins. She has taught me that not everything will be great, and according to my Will, I have to learn to smile through it and have patience! Trust me when I say this,

My mother means the world to me.

I can ditch a friend’s house party to stay home and chit-chat with Mumma; it’s amazingly therapeutic! She’s a free bird and has always taught me to look up and never give up no matter what. When Mum’s around, I feel protected; like I don’t have to hide my emotions anymore and my therapist is waiting to listen to me – “I’m Home”. One thing I desire in life is to make her proud. She’s been my idol, my world, the best gift God gave me. Each Mother’s Day is a special celebration, but really, mothers need to be celebrated every day because what would the world even be without them? I’m leaving that thought to you!

Anushree Acharya
Image: Anushree (child) with her mom

I feel that when it comes to describing what my mother means to me, no words will ever be enough. She’s the ‘bestest’ friend I have ever had – my most trusted confidant, my biggest cheerleader, my support system and the only person who has always kept it real with me. I owe it all to her, the person that I am today and the values that I hold. As the saying by Lisa Jo Baker goes, ‘A mother continues to labour long after the baby is born’ – I feel it holds true for every mother, and a mother’s love for her child is always unconditional.

I don’t think that I have always been the perfect daughter, but my mother has always stood by me and encouraged me to make my own decisions and stand by them. She’s the one who has taught me how to be an independent thinker.
I hope I am always able to live up to the morals and values that she has brought me up with and make her proud every day!

Jaishree Tambi
Image: Jaishree (left) with her mom (right)

Of all the relationships I have, the one I embrace and adore the most is with my mother, who means the world to me. Undoubtedly, she is the most important person in my life and the strongest individual I know. She’s the epitome of strength who taught me what hard work and determination could get you in life.

From gossiping together every evening, going on long drives, to grooving to our favourite songs while cooking together, every time she proves to be more than my best friend. She has taught me what it is to exist in this life, inspired me when I wanted to give up and held me when I needed a rest. No matter how many times we argue in a day, we can’t go to bed without a hug. I can’t be less grateful to God for blessing me with the most beautiful gift – my mother.

To the one who made my dreams her priority, put aside her own aspirations to tend to mine, give me all the mental and physical tools to succeed in life, now it’s my turn to make her goals mine and make her the proudest mom. Let’s dedicate this beautiful day to the ones who love us selflessly!

Anushka Dave
Image: Anushka (right) with her mom (left)

I am always lost for words when it comes to my mother. I believe that one thing I can never express through my pen is my love for Mumma. As everyone would agree, all mothers are the best mothers to their children, and the same is for me. I love my mother more than anything in this world. Be it our kitchen gossips or late-night music sessions after doing the dishes; every wholesome moment spent with her is written in bold letters on my soul.

She is the strongest woman I know. Her struggles in life are what makes me want to accomplish my dreams and make her proud someday. Am I missing something? Yes! Her food, the warmth of her hands, and the way she would hug me and promise me that everything would be alright, her strength, morals, and values. She is more like my best friend. Just like Bonnie and Clyde, she is my partner in crime. We often joke around together, laughing till our eyes water. All the mothers in this world have given their all, sacrificing their own wishes for her family. I think for that reason, every day is Mother’s Day!

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Safiya Khanam

If anyone had asked me, who I was closer to when I was a kid, I would have told them it’s my dad. I was, in fact, a daddy’s girl and vied for his attention and cheer. But as years passed and now that I’ve entered adulthood, I’ve realized that there are a lot of things about my mom I had overlooked as a kid. Her strength and selflessness are something I’d probably never be at par with. She was a working mother, but unlike others, she worked as a not-for-profit educationalist 5 days a week besides looking after my siblings and me.

There are things that people may not teach you directly, but you observe and learn. I’ve learnt to be patient, charitable, and give others exactly what you’d choose for yourself and prioritize knowledge over everything else!

And now that I’ve grown up, I find that our bond grows stronger day by day. She’s not just a mother but also that elder sister/friend-figure too. We spend hours scrolling through shopping websites or looking at new TikTok dances and trends, and of late, we both have started our nightly skincare routine together!

Saumya Singh
Image left: Baby Saumya and her mother | Image right: Saumya Singh (left) and her mother (right)

My relationship with my mother has been full of ups and downs but what is lovely about it is that our love for each other has won against all odds. My mom has suffered from depression and bipolar disorder. It was diagnosed in 2014, and for a 14-year-old to understand these terms was a bit complicated to comprehend. Till 2019, my mom has gone through phases of highs and lows, and in the meantime, my relationship with her evolved from a less understanding one to the one that now grows stronger and loving every day. From trying our hands at new recipes to obsess over make-up, my mom and I have become best friends. My mom is indeed inspirational for me, for she has not only pursued her dreams but also has never failed as a mother, a daughter, a wife, and most importantly, an invincible woman. For me, she is the epitome of selflessness while not letting go of her dreams. 

Also, if you ever drop by our home, do taste the ‘Bhindi’ that she cooks and sit by to indulge in a hearty conversation with her.

Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall, but a mother’s secret hope outlives them all.”

Celebrating Mother’s Day for a day is not enough to thank each and every mother in this world. No one can replace them at any cost. Thankfully a day has been so dedicated to making all mothers out there feel proud of themselves and make them understand that life would not have been what it is today had they not been there!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers! 

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  1. Apoorva Suryavanshi

    May 9, 2021 at 5:28 am

    Very beautifully expressed!
    Happy mother’s Day! for all the mothers

  2. Rupali SIrcar

    May 9, 2021 at 5:41 am

    Too good.
    Rightly said , God cannot be everywhere so He created mother’s.

  3. Saumya Singh

    May 9, 2021 at 6:06 am

    Hey, this is such a beautiful article. The most important and the purest souls in our lives have been penned in a way that stays with you… Kudos to Jaishree for coming up with this piece of work

  4. shyamoli goswami

    May 9, 2021 at 8:28 am

    Happy Mother’s day 🌸🌸🌸🌸

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