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For Lovers of the Dark: Shady Bars in Bangalore That Will Leave You Uncanny

Stepping into a shaded bar, opening your eyes wider to see the muted colours of the bottles around the buzz of the spirits, finding glitter in every spark of light.

Are you a fan of dark places? Do you like drinking in unlit places? Then here is a list of bars you should stop by for all your gloomy drinking moods.

Le Rock (MG Road)
Image: Le Rock Bar via Zomato

This place is totally vintage and has a whole lot of dark vibes to it. So if you are in the mood for a cloudy day, this is definitely the place to go. Food and drinks have an average cost. Happy hours adds an advantage. It’s a duplex with seatings. The bar gives you a full retro vibe with all the old band songs and frames. So if it was your dream to experience a frowzy bar, then it’s the place to be. 

By Chance (Brigade Road)
Image: By Chance Bar via Zomato

Everything happens by chance, so was my visit there. By Chance has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. The indoor one is definitely a blockbuster. The bar counter has an overhanging ceiling with LED lights displaying the various brands and their prices. The bar has a screening, too, for all the IPL fans. The prices can vary depending on what you order. There are both veg and non-veg cuisines. Overall it has a dingy vibe to it. 

55 Wallstreet (JP Nagar)
Image: 55 Wall Street -via Zomato

55 Wallstreet has always been one of my favourites. The bar has two floors with varied dispositions. It’s a big save for the ladies because they have multiple offers and concessions for them. Although the bar has light creeping in from the glasses, it doesn’t make the place any less shadowy. The bar also has a dance floor for you to groove and enjoy. The weekends are made special by the bands. The place can be costly but yet affordable.

Gilly’s Restobar (Koramangala) 
Image: Gilly’s Restobar via Zomato

Here’s another murky setting. Gilly’s has many branches around the city, but this one is the oldest. The prices are quite affordable, plus there are happy hours all around the week. They have the perfect atmosphere with red lightings, which further adds to the mood. A definite go-to bar on dreary weekdays. They offer Continental, North Indian and finger foods on the plate.

Russh (Church Street)
Image: Russh (Church Street) via fodessy

Rush has a perfect gloomy atmosphere. The bar is a little compact compared to others but is definitely worth a visit. The food is delicious, especially the Mac and Cheese Pizza. The bar allows you to either use Zomato or the happy hours, so choose wisely. You do have light throwing up here and there, but the place is definitely worth a drop by. The place is a mix of Continental and Italian, both worth your money.

Indigo XP (Koramangala)
Image: Indigo XP via Zomato

Indigo XP has one of the town’s most happening parties. The place again has two floors, one closed and the other a rooftop. They have DJ’s to lighten up the mood. The drinks can cost you a giant since it’s a party place. The outdoor seating is earthy and gives you a fresh vibe. They have multiple options for you to hog on.

Hard Rock (St.Mark’s Road)
Image: Hard Rock Café via Zomato

What a classic! The place is antique in itself. They have both outdoor and indoor seating arrangements. They have an open courtyard perfect for drinkers and non-drinkers. The menu is just as rocking as their whole theme is. Rocking time out, rocking trio, jam sessions and alternative rock are a few. They have live band performances as well as items from contemporary rock legends. 

Jetlag (Rajaji Nagar)
Image: Jetlag Bar via Zomato

This place has a short past but is worth a million. It’s a high-end bar located in one of the posh areas of the town. The whole bar is divided into three floors, and one is a rooftop. The first two floors are dark and murky. The ambience is totally aeroplane-themed with lighting and glitz, a charm for ambience lovers. The place is not a pocket saver and will rip you off if you are a one bar person. 

House Of Commons (JP Nagar)
Image: House Of Commons via Zomato

The place is not so dark but definitely has the afternoon mood. They have multiple cuisines in combination with their offers. The prices are affordable and pocket friendly. The bar table definitely has a vibe with multiple televisions. It has round sofas and greenery around for a pleasant experience. With an elaborate bar menu, you have everything from cocktails and spirits to beer and wine, which are fascinating and makes it an easy pick. 

 Jcubez (Banashankari)
Image: Jcubez bar via Zomato

Having an ambience that will make you let out your party animal, Jcubez is just the perfect pick for you if you want to make your afternoon thrilling. With its captivating and lively ambience, you can let your hair down and party hard. Jcubez is a multi-cuisine bar and pub. The place masters in Continental delicacies. Every dish is of elite taste, and the place caters to all walks of people, especially people who enjoy the nightlife. Jcubez also offers a special smoking area and flavoured hookah. The icing on the cake is the lavish bar. The multiple ingredients make this place a must-visit. 

Let us know your favourite bars in Bangalore!

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