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7 Sinful Pokémons: Where Pokémon Balls Catch Sins

Sins are a way to control lives, but virtues inspire us to be good humans.

The seven deadly sins were first compiled by Pope Gregory I around the year 600. Each of these deadly sins listed below has its root in the desire for more and the excess human need. Gregory also assembled a list of the seven virtues: faith, hope, charity, justice, prudence, temperance, and fortitude.

Gluttony – Snorlax
Image: Snorlax via Gamerant

Gluttony is the excessive craving to eat or drink. Temperance cures gluttony by embedding the desire to be healthy, therefore making us fit. Obesity is rocketing, and people are eating themselves to death; heart disease, diabetes, stroke, are all on the increase. Snorlax‘s strengths include both sloth and gluttony. It’s a gigantic sleepy-head. It wakes up only to eat, requiring 400 kgs of food per day before returning to its slumber. It is not a picky eater, as its strong stomach allows it to eat even mouldy food without feeling any ill effects. It can even handle thorny plants and eat while it is resting.  

Lust – Butterfree
Image: Butterfree via Pokemon Wiki

Lust is a strong frenzy or longing, especially for sexual desires. Chastity cures lust by controlling passion and leveraging that energy for the good of others. Lust after life can ruin relationships, marriages and our lives. Lust can be venereal, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s a drive that makes you want to tackle everything in life. Butterfree is a dual-type Bug-Flying Pokémon introduced in Generation I. Butterfree was also the first Pokemon Ash let go, allowing it to mate with a pink Butterfree in Bye-Bye Butterfree. Ash’s Butterfree fell in love with a pink Butterfree and fought to save it from Team Rocket.  In the episode, multiple wild Butterfrees, owned by trainers, engaged in a mating ceremony. Ash’s Butterfree became one. We usually don’t see any other Pokémon engaging in a special ceremony like that, which is the sole reason for nominating Butterfree. 

Greed – Meowth
Image: Meowth via

Greed is the uncurbed pursuit of material goods. Charity cures greed by putting the desire to help others above storing up treasure for one’s self. Greed is not gluttony. It’s the opposite; it’s actually hoarding. Greed creates fear, which is destructive. Meowth introduced in Generation I is attracted to round and shiny objects. Being nocturnal, it is known to meander about at night and pick up anything that sparkles, including loose change. Upon finding a sparkling object, its eyes twinkle, and the coin on its forehead shines brightly. Meowth also appears with Team Rocket, who are the personification of greed.

Sloth – Slowpoke
Image: slowpoke via

Sloth is excessive laziness or the failure to function and utilize one’s talents. Diligence cures lassitude by placing one’s interest above a life of ease and relaxation. It’s natural to take breaks from our busy schedules, but laziness isn’t the answer. Laziness turns us into couch potatoes. Slowpoke was introduced in Generation I as a water/psychic type. It has a low intellect and poor response to stimuli. It sometimes forgets to react and is slow in analyzing pain and triggers. Slowpoke belongs to the Dopey-Pokémon type and lazes vacantly around the sea. 

Wrath – Gyarados
Image: Gyarados pokemon via

Wrath is a wave of strong anger and hate towards another person. Patience cures wrath by comprehending the needs of others before reacting. Anger is hitting society in plague proportions; everybody seems to be angry. It is natural, and it happens when one person wrongs another person and yet, if we constantly live in anger, it becomes ugly. Anger prevents one from enjoying life and makes one very lonely because no-one trusts them. People are scared about their unpredicted angry outbursts. Gyarados is Water/Fly Pokémon introduced in Generation I. Its evolution process causes a change in its brain structure that is believed to be the reason behind its violent nature. Gyarados’s fangs can crush stones, and its scales are harder than steel. Gyarados is feared for its fierce temper and wanton destructive tendencies. Gyarados is feared by many trainers and Pokémons as well. By looking at its face alone, one can guess its aggressive nature. 

Envy – Bayleef
Image: Bayleef via

Envy is the intense desire to have an item that someone else possesses. Kindness cures envy by placing the desire to help others above the need to supersede them. Jealousy is probably one of the most destructive – we see something someone else has, and we want it. We experience envy right from our early childhood. Where envy exists, there cannot be trust or any closeness or friendship; it robs us from relationships. Ash’s Bayleef portrays jealousy, as she is often jealous of Pikachu’s place. Bayleef is an incredibly affectionate Pokémon, but as a Chikorita, she proved to be quite jealous and often fought for Ash’s attention over other Pokémon. The stubbornness hints of her crush on Ash. Her pranks include bursting out of her Poke Ball unannounced and throwing tantrums. Her jealousy is out of the love she has for Ash. 

Pride – Rapidash
Image: Rapidash via

Pride is an extravagant view of one’s self without regard for others. Pride is an excessive belief in one’s own abilities. Humility cures pride by removing one’s proud and egoistic nature, thereby allowing kindness. We should give credit to those who deserve it in the right sense. It seems much of a virtue these days. Pride is good for our self-esteem, and yet, pride is a sin and is deadly. Rapidash is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. Galarian Rapidash is known for being brave and prideful. It can channel its psychic power into a powerful Psycho slash from its horn that can pierce through sheet metal. Its looks are to kill, while the fire burns magnificently and bright. 

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