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Flashback to the Nineties! – Trends That We’re Bringing Back With a Bang

The Nineties are back baby!!

Image Source: The classic 90s fashion look via shutterstock

It is rightly said that history repeats itself, and here, in our case, it is repeating the iconic fashion trends. Since the advent of fashion in the 19th century, varying trends emerged, which inspired the latter fashion trends to evolve. Each phase had something different to offer. However, 2020 fashion trends are inspired by the most popular and stylish era, which is undoubtedly making a comeback and is quickly gaining space in our wardrobes. It is none other than the “Nineties Era.”

The nineties brought with them not only distinctive fashion styles but also promoted the art of tattooing and piercing, which soon entered the mainstream fashion and became the new normal. Many movies and TV shows highlighted these trends. Movies such as Pretty Woman stood out to be a true fashion-setter where Julia Roberts impressed us with new styles with her button-down dresses and the classic combination of jeans and t-shirt. And who can forget the fashion queen Rachel Green (played by Jennifer Aniston) from the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.? A true fashionista, she kept us intact with all the amazing trends: right from wearing dungarees to crop tops to sleek gowns, and undoubtedly, made us fall in love with fashion. These setting trends of the 90s have now become a reality in 2020, where these millennial generation fashion trends have been fused with the present Generation Z style, making it a unique combination. 

Image Source: Chokers have been replacing necklaces via shutterstock

The chicest creation taught us to view necklaces in a new light, and this exquisite creation is called a choker, a tightly fitted collar elegantly wrapped around the neck. Chokers redefined dressing style and are undeniably very popular in 2020 as well, which perfectly blends with varying outfits such as jumpsuits, off-shoulder dresses, and elegant one-pieces and definitely gives a sassy look to the entire outfit.

Hoop Earrings
Image Source: Hoop earrings come in all sizes via shutterstock

Next in line, the trendiest piece of jewellery after chokers is the hoop earrings which are available in varying sizes. These ring-shaped earrings are trendy, especially the big ones which will make anyone look peppy! The time when Kareena Kapoor Khan wore big hoops in her movie Veere Di Wedding has not only set a new style but has also become my own personal favourite!

Crop Tops
Image Source: Crop tops go along with any outfit via shutterstock

These midriff tops (also known as crop tops) has crawled its way back into our wardrobes! The speciality of this edgy outfit is that it goes with everything, right from a pair of jeans to skirts; this chic piece is the favourite of many. Right from many celebrities donning it in their styles to ordinary individuals, crop tops are popular amongst many and definitely define the new fashion statement.

Ripped Jeans
Image Source: Ripped jeans are the edgy look via shutterstock

Ripped jeans entered the realm of fashion in the late eighties and the early nineties, and since then, it is trendy among the masses! A unique invention that gave fashion a new face and made us believe that a torn outfit can give an edgy look carries the tag of comfort with fashion.

Image Source: Scrunchies bring out your hairstyle via shutterstock

The most beautiful hair accessory which changed the nineties hair fashion is none other than scrunchies – a ring of elastic enfolded in loose fabric, used for tying hair in the form of a high ponytail or a bun. Available in different colours, a scrunchie would definitely bring out the hairstyle by providing a casual look to the entire outfit!

Image Source: Overalls are the new iconic look via shutterstock

This peppy garment was invented in the 1890s which was initially used as an article of protective clothing (particularly worn by workers), but it soon turned into a new iconic trend. Overalls became popular in the nineties when the idea of wearing it casually with a crop top and a pair of shoes or slippers was “the look”, which soon became famous. This trend is very much prevalent in today’s world and highly worn. Thanks to Deepika Padukone (Tamasha) and Shraddha Kapoor (OK Jannu) for bringing back this trend.

These are some of the most trends from the 90s, which are still very popular today. Be it hoop earrings or scrunchies, these unique creations should never go out of fashion, and that responsibility rests upon us. So all the fashionistas our there, make sure to keep this a part of an on-going trend!

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