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Weird Yet Tasty Fusion Food of India

Are you someone who welcomes change, adventure and want to beat the monotony? Then don’t be hesitant in trying out these weird food combinations. You are bound to develop a love-hate relationship with them.

Image: Street Food Platter via Pinterest

A common love for people around the world is food. And as people with this love together, fusion happens – bringing international flavours into Indian dishes or making foreign food our own. Some may sound weird, some sound fascinating, some hate them or love them. If there one thing in common other that love for eating, is creating. The great people of our country have created some of the most amazing fusions that will confuse and interest you.

Momo Burgers
Image: Momo Burger via Wow Momo

Indians are known to bring together the influence of the world and make them their own. Momo (Indian dumplings) and burger come together in a tasty and spicy concoction that can put the originals to shame. The delicious dish is the brainchild of a fast-food chain, Wow Momo. Full of desi flavours and sauces, Momo Burger, is a go-to for a good time.

Noodles Samosa
Image: Noodle Samosa via Yours Food Lab

Samosa is a staple snack food for India, from family get-togethers to birthday parties. Piping hot pastries filled with seasoned potatoes and peas are evergreen but, like all things, a twist makes it more interesting. Noodle samosa is that twist. Pastry filled with vinegary-spicy noodles served with mint chutney is just the fusion that can treat both Indian and foreign taste.

Chinese Bhel
Image: Chinese Bhel via YouTube

One of the most common street foods of Mumbai is saucy-spicy fried noodles served with onions and tomatoes. The dish inspired is by the Northeast Indian dish called chop suey. The street vendors of Mumbai created this beautiful concoction and called it Chinese Bhel to attract more customers. It’s pretty much the only “Chinese” chaat out there makes it a unique fusion. 

Cheese Dosa
Image: Cheese Dosa

Fusion cuisine is a combination of elements of different culinary traditions or various forms of cooking styles. An example of the same can be this delicious street snack, Cheese Dosa. A Dosa is a crepe made out of rice and curd and stuffed with seasoned potatoes. However, Mumbai street vendors have westernised, this staple South Indian meal by fusing it with the spirit of Italy. Cheese, vegetables, tomato sauce and oregano stuffed, this Dosa served with ketchup is both, filling and tasty.

Vodka Pani Puri
Image: Vodka Pani Puri via Easy Cooking

If there would be an award for the National Snack of India, Pani Puri would definitely win. Teekha, meetha, garlic, jaljeera and heeng flavours, one often serves with pani puris, but ever tried getting drunk on them? Vodka Pani Puri is a fusion that is perfect if you want to have a good time. The dish has turned up the hype. Many foreign countries have also started serving this snack, making it pretty famous all over the world.

Makhani Pasta
Image: Makhani Pasta via Your Food Lab

The fusion of Indian makhani and Italian pasta gives you Indian Makhani Pasta. For a long time, we have been having Indian fun with Italian food, and this inter-country dish is another example. It is served in many restaurants with thousands of fans, around the country. People have also come with variations of this great combo – Dal Makhani Pasta, Paneer Butter Masala Pasta and many more.

Chocolate Khakhra
Image: Khakhra

Gujarati and Gujarati food has branched out in the entire world and created a mark on the globe. One staple Gujarati snack is Khakhra – a thin cracker, traditionally made with coriander, gram flour and spices. But, with a diverse audience, Khakhra also took a diverse range. Appetiser turned dessert, is the epitome of where Indian food has reached in terms of fusion. The sweet snack can be a great addition for breakfast, as well.

Dessert Paan
Image: Dessert Paan

Chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry and more, are not just ice cream flavours but also flavours of India’s favourite refreshments – Paan. Desserts in our country are both lavish and delicious. Following the same path, paan is now also served with this tasty twist. Fusion foods are not just giving foreign food a desi taste but adding international flair to our desi treats.

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