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Traditional Indian Sweets with a Hint of Modernity

Even sweets in India have had to revamp themselves in recent years and here’s some of our favourites

Image Source: Gulab Jamun Cake via footprinttheworld

Now that India is witnessing festivities after festivities, many ‘mithai walas’ are changing up their sweets. With more people becoming more health-conscious and favouring sugar-free sweets, these shopkeepers have had to up their game. The youth, especially, are keener on Westernised and fusion sweets.

Here’s a list of some of the best and unique sweets that are now available in India- 

Modak Icecream
Image: Modak Ice Cream via

Ice-cream flavours inspired by modaks are now quite popular in Mumbai and Pune. Shaped like a modak, this ice-cream tastes mostly like kesar (saffron) and is available at most Havmor outlets across Maharashtra. With chunks of dried coconut, almonds, cashews and pistachios, this ice-cream melts in your mouth, leaving just enough for you to munch on.  

Liquor-filled chocolates
Image: Liquor-filled chocolates via

Although a bit pricy (for obvious reasons), these liquor chocolates are a must-try. Most commonly filled with rum, brandy, or wine, there are also chocolates filled with vodka, tequila, and whisky, for more expensive tastes. Although they might not have enough liquor to get you drunk, the taste of chocolate mixed with the essence of the liquor is enhanced to just the right amount. 

Diabetic Sandesh
Image: Sugar-free sandesh via

These sugar-free sweets are the best for those who are diet conscious and those with diabetes, hence the name. Made without any artificial sweeteners, they are sweet enough to make the festivities enjoyable. Common variations include sandesh made from pineapples, rose essence, and kesar, making this Bengali sweet much more exquisite. 

Paan Peda
Image Source: Paan Peda via

This delicious sweet is made from, you guessed it, paan. The cool freshness of the paan, along with the sweetness of the peda, makes it a relishing dessert. As sweet as the typical roadside meetha paan, this sweet is quite a popular pick. With no artificial additives or colours, this sweet isn’t as sugary as the regular pedas. 

Besan Truffles
Image: Chocolate Besan Truffles via

This innovative concoction is basically a besan ladoo, but with a filling of dark Belgian chocolate truffle. Sometimes, these besan ladoos are dunked in chocolate truffle as well. With no artificial additives and only natural flavours, this dessert is a hit among many in India. Arq Mithai’s Besan truffles have to be the best of the lot!

Flavoured Barfi
Image: Cookie Dough Chocolate Barfi via

Are you bored of the usual barfi available to you? Then you should definitely try out some of Berfila’s barfi flavours – caramel, pineapple, strawberry, bubblegum, raspberry, matcha, jamun, paan, moong dal, carrot, chocolate, rainbow milk – these are just some of them; the list goes on and on, in all sorts of colours, shapes and textures to choose from!

Kaapi Pak
Image: Kaapi Pak Box via

This isn’t the traditional Mysore Pak that we’ve all known and grown to love. This is a handmade Mysore Pak that has been infused with the flavour of coffee and topped with roasted sesame seeds. This slightly less sweet take on the traditional dessert was an idea put forth by The Bombay Sweet Shop, a shop that aims to “bring back the magic of mithai”. 

Avocado Kalakand
Image Source: Avocado Kalakand via erivumpuliyum

An interesting fusion of Avocado with the traditional Kalakand, this sweet is something Indians will truly enjoy. With just a pinch of cardamom and the crunchiness of almonds, Avocado Kalakand is the sweet that isn’t too sweet, and perfect for gifting friends and family, with this unique dessert gaining a name for itself in most parts of north India.

Chocolate Cinnamon Gujiya
Image: Chocolate Gujiya via faasos

This sweet, which is commonly made during Holi, is now undergoing a transformation. Filled with nuts, chocolate chips, and sprinkled with cinnamon, the chocolate cinnamon gujiya is quite a tasty treat. A treat for the taste buds, this heavenly dessert has people going crazy for them, all over India. 

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake
Image: Gulab Jamun Cheesecake via

The quintessential gulab jamun just got an upgrade. The first time I had this tasty dessert, it only left me wanting more. The perfect fusion of Indian and Western desserts, the gulab jamun cheesecake is loaded with taste and is now popular in most Indian bakeries, a delightful treat for us at home. 

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