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Indian Web Shows That Can Make You Forget Reality

Web shows and series are the new way people consume content. Indian filmmakers are using the space to bring forward our own stories. Check out these 10 amazing Indian web shows.

Image: Shot from TVF Tripling via TVF Play

Consumption of TV shows and movies have changed drastically in the last decade. People are switching from TV sets and theatre halls to OTT platforms in large quantities. For many years, Western directors and producers created available content on these platforms, but now that’s not the case. Recently, Indian web series have received acclaim from people around the globe, and I would like to share my experience watching a few of them. Check out some of the best web series made by Indian filmmakers and don’t worry, I am not giving out spoilers!

Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story
Image: Prateek Gandhi as Harshad Mehta via Sony Liv

We cannot talk about Indian web series without including the recent masterpiece that shocked the world. A Hansal Mehta direction showcased one of the biggest stock market scams of India. As a journalism student, the show turned out to be more aspirational than entertaining for me. The actors, screenwriters, producers and cinematographers justified their craft beautifully in this ten-episode web series. Unlike many other famous web series from across the world, the melodrama content was smartly controlled, making the series the hit that it is.

Available on Sony Liv.

Image: Pankaj Tripathi in Mirzapur via Amazon Prime

Mirzapur for me is Gangs of Wasseypur on steroids. The web series is a badge of honour for Indian filmmakers, who could produce such an authentic and creative piece of art. After the sequel of the series was released, the subscription rate of Amazon Prime also saw a hike. Actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal and Divyendu Sharma added that extra magic to the already excellent script. Though created authentically, the web series still had a sense of magical realism that, in my opinion, is the reason for its success.

Available on Amazon Prime.

Image: Jeetu in Panchayat via Amazon Prime

The show made me feel that I was a part of the story. The writing was simple yet indulgent. The gradually evolving chemistry between the characters lays out in front of you a beautifully woven & intricate fabric of society, where you see a common man’s vulnerability. The occasional emotional outburst, disappointment, standing up for the other fellow, and every character’s innate innocence put a smile on my face. It is another gem produced by TVF.

Available on Amazon Prime.

Special Ops 
Image: Kay Kay Menon in Special Ops via Hotstar

When drama, suspense, action and subtle humour come together, magic happens. Special Ops is one of those magical shows created by Neeraj Pandey along with Shivam Nair and writer Deepak Kingrani. The series brings forward the recent political history in an entertaining and informative way. The subtle writing of the series has to be commended, as it explores problems of our country without directly attacking anyone. Kay Kay Menon’s portrayal of Himmat Singh was the icing on the cake for me.    

Available on Hotstar.

Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega
Image: Still from Jamatra: Sabka Number Aayega Trailer via Netflix

The series has many opposing reviews – some are great, and, some are critical—however, I lad in the former category. The show is a well crafted 10-episode story that takes us through a big scam taking place in a small dot on the country’s map. It introduces us to some new talent in the industry. Though some points of the show seem a little dragged, the overall impact was unmountable. 

Available on Netflix.

TVF Tripling
Image: Sumeet Vyas and Amol Parashar in TVF Tripling via TVF Play

This short series is my guilty pleasure. The show may not be as cinematically phenomenal as the others on the list. However, the comic timing and subtle messages will take your heart. Based on a road trip of three siblings, the show explores family relations, life complications, patriarchal issues and so on. It is a feel-good series that can be enjoyed any time, and for free. The film’s music is also very interestingly placed, adding to the fun and drama into the series’s simple story.

Available on TVF Play App.

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Stories by Rabindranath Tagore
Image: Radhika Apte in Stories of Rabindranath Tagore via Netflix

Anurag Basu has given Rabindranath Tagore’s stories a realistic visual platform in the show by maintaining British India’s era. The show was shot in old Kolkata to keep the late 1800’s and early 1900’s look with the architecture and attire of those days. The series brings the raw emotions that Rabindranath Tagore expresses in his stories, the same thrill used to keep the readers attached, and those twists and turns at the most unexpected times. The music and the lighting enhance the beauty of the series.

Available on Netflix.

Image: Sumukhi Suresh in Pushpavalli via Amazon Prime

A loud, over the top, and insanely funny show conceptualised by famous Indian comic Sumukhi Suresh had to make this list. Pushpavalli amuses so well with her sneakiness and small-scale scheming. Falling into Charlie Chaplin-like situations, and her antics to escape those problems are hilariously ludicrous. The series is a nice breather from the stereotypical comedy that is seen on national TV shows. 

Available on Amazon Prime.

Image: Radhika Apte in Ghoul Poster via Netflix

This Radhika Apte-featuring show is innovative, eerie and daring. Innovative, because the mixing of military acts and terrorist conducts with deep horror is almost a new genre. It is eerie because soon after some 20 minutes of the very first episode, you feel the chills in your spine, and they just keep growing. And, daring, because they didn’t care about the possible oppressions of those so-called religion-based fanatics or so-called patriots. However, the show is only for those who can digest the darkest and sinister side of the human character and their hellish secrets.

Available on Netflix.

TVF Pitchers
Image: Naveen Kasturia and Arunabh Kumar in TVF Pitchers via TVF Play

The last, but in no way the least, is the first web series I ever watched. It is one of those rare shows which both relax and awaken you. A part of you will be laughing and enjoying, while the other part will think about your aspirations. It is comically rich; it is sensible; it is inspiring and, lastly, real. Indian filmmakers have the capability of making serials worth international acclaim, and this show proves that in many ways. 

Available on TVF Play App.

Now, get your binge on!

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