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The Mood Box: Where Every Mood Has a Genre!

Watch these incredible shows according to your mood!

Living in the times of the pandemic has become the new normal, which is undoubtedly a surreal dream that has trapped all of us inside with no exit gate to be found anytime soon. When the lockdown was imposed, none of us were aware as to what is to be done next. Some decided to reacquaint themselves with their old passions and skills which were lost in the “old hustle-bustle”, some acquired new skills whereas some decided to follow the path of self-discovery and so-on and so-forth.

I, on the other hand, decided to immerse myself in different stories, brought to my door by numerous OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to name a few which soon turned into a daily ritual. This was fun at the beginning, but it soon became a mundane routine because of the tedious task of finding a new show; as a result, I ended up watching the show “Friends” again and again, and I am sure that many of you out there must have gone through the same thing – of watching a particular show on repeat. This is not only boring but also ties us to a particular chain of emotions!

Thus, to break this chain, here are a couple of recommendations which can be watched based on one’s mood.

Gleeful Time!

If you are in a happy mood and want to watch quirky-upbeat stories, then Fleabag and Crashing are the perfect choice.


Image: A still from the show ‘Fleabag’ via Pinterest

An unabashed sexually liberated lady who narrates the complexities of her life set in the background of central London with ease and wit. Presenting Fleabag, who taught me to be my true self with an unapologetic sass! Fleabag presents her problems: failing cafe business, crazy stepmother, not so cordial relation with sister and clingy boyfriend through the lens of satire which would leave one crying with laughter! Yet with a bold smile and personality, she carries an overwhelming trauma with the loss of her mother and her best friend and deploys humour as her coping mechanism. Fleabag is a rare gem which resonated with me and made me realize that within each one of us resides an indomitable spirit as possessed by Fleabag who inspires to live a life free from the societal norms and most importantly teaches us that it is only through mistakes with which one could find the true innate self.


Image: The show ‘Crashing’ via Pinterest

This show literally crashed into my heart. With a quirky plot and relatable characters, the show navigates the lives of six different individuals who temporarily reside under the same roof as property guardians in a disused hospital. This show explores the different dichotomies of love, confusion and self-awareness and makes us fall in love with all the characters. The voice of the entire show dances on the tune of sheer humour and wittiness with all the characters effortlessly expressing their confusion. An unusual story with an epic ending, ‘Crashing’ is definitely one of the best sitcoms and should be strictly binge-watched!

Suspense Time!

In the mood for watching something serious? Then Unbelievable and Safe are perfect for you.


Image: The show ‘Unbelievable’ via Pinterest

This primetime Emmy-nominated show deserves more public appreciation as opposed to what it has received! Based on a true story – “An unbelievable story of Rape”, ‘Unbelievable’ (which is a mini-series) is a dramatization of a series of rapes that happened across the United States. The show revolves around two female detectives and their journey of finding the path of truth with the aim of finding the killer and serving justice. This beautifully written show with powerful performances will definitely leave you teary-eyed.


Image: The show ‘Safe’ via Pinterest

This British show marked the return of the television heartthrob who starred in the show “Dexter”:” Michael C.Hall”. In the show, he plays the character of a caring and doting father who leaves no stone unturned to find his missing daughter. This mini-series is packed with loads of drama and suspense, and is backed with amazing performances which will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat until the last minute, thus, making it a perfect binge-watch for the weekend!

Inspiring Time!

If you are on the lookout for watching inspiring content then Afterlife is the perfect fit.


Image: The show ‘After Life’ via Pinterest

This dark comedy is created by none other than the famous comedian Ricky Gervais who acts as a protagonist as well. ‘After Life’ is a show about a depressed man who contemplates suicide (several times) after losing his wife to cancer. The show has been renewed for a third season, so he definitely doesn’t go through with the suicide plan (Thank God!) In fact, the show depicts the struggles of life wrapped in a humorous way, thus, making people feel uplifted in their dark times and making them realize that they are never alone!

These are some of the shows which can be watched according to your preferred mood. So, give your mood a chance!

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