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Our Music Picks for 2020: Hindi Edition

Lift up your souls with music. From Arijit Singh to Prateek Kuhad, check out the picks by the Brown Magazine team for the year.

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Music is a very personal way to find peace in the chaos. And during these times of havoc finding peace is very important. So, to help you in that quest, our team at Brown Magazine have curated a list of beautiful Hindi songs of 2020, to help you get your groove on!

Kasoor (Kasoor) – Prateek Kuhad

Rishika Kashyap

Have you ever listened to a song that instantly made you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster? Well, that’s how the song ‘Kasoor‘ by Prateek Kuhad made me feel. It is a fan-based song, which makes it intensely personal. People from different walks of life, including three public figures, react to specific questions in the video. From smiling at a question like “think about your first love” to a solemn tear falling off the cheek over a question like “what were their last words to you” – this song makes all the memories from the past hit you hard. It’s the questions that make the song so relatable as most of us at the receiving end have experienced these things at some point in our lives. Kasoor has got the right amount of tenderness to it, and I can say that I’d never get bored of this song without the shadow of a doubt.

Chalo Chalein (Dev) – Ritviz 

Nruthya Johnson

Chalo Chalein by Ritviz featuring Seedhe Maut is a song that inspired me after watching the video. Along with Ritviz’s signature voice, Seedhe Maut’s hip-hop beats have conceptualised a masterpiece. Although the bi-lingual duo sounds nothing like Ritviz with his fusion of Hindustani classical music and heavy bass, it still is remarkable to watch them collaborate across genres and styles, perfect for those house party sessions. It’s not just the music, but the music video that I just can’t seem to get enough of. Introducing various professional dancers, who are all experts in various dance forms, yet coming together for this unique piece, and it’s beautiful. Pushing the idea to go ahead with whatever you are most passionate about, they did right by bringing on some of the best dancers with their dancing styles. Inspiring viewers and listeners to do what moves them (literally), you quickly understand why this song has won hearts.

Haan Main Galat (Love Aaj Kal) – Arijit Singh

Khushi Sehgal

Who doesn’t like breaking the rules (especially if someone asks us not to) or taking an impulsive decision (of course a trail of regrets that always follows)? I know I fall in this category and can recollect hundreds of such incidents! Haan Main Galat is a song that perfectly defines such dilemmas and gives me a soothing validation which pumps my gut feeling to be louder!  This is my go-to song, especially on days when I feel low. The quirky, upbeat lyrics and let’s not forget one of the few ‘original remakes’ definitely lifts my mood. So get up and to your Galati with a Twist!!

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Ek Tukda Dhoop (Thappad) – Raghav Chaitanya 

Vipul Sharma

Separation from someone is something which takes away some part of the soul and fills the void with something in exchange. Separation is one of those feelings we have never learnt to deal with without breaking out a mess. ‘Ek Tukda Dhoop’ song, sung by Raghav Chaitanya from Taapsee Pannu’s starer ‘Thappad’ is one of those songs of the year which portrays separation in the right way. Soothing lyrics by Shakeel Azmi melts down in the space of the heart and tells you the real meaning of parting with someone. In the film, the song is set against the backdrop of a divorce, but out of the film’s context, the song seems to be made for all kinds of separations. The melancholy theme, meaningful lyrics, and contemporary yet classical music stand out from the song.

Khulne do (Chhapak) – Arijit Singh

Udita Jain

There is often a discussion on whether cinema shows a real reflection of the society or not, Chhapak, is a movie that shifts this argument towards a resounding ‘Yes’. Arijit Singh’s beautiful song gives power and empathy to people who have suffered the burn of acid. The word master, Gulzar dressed the song beautifully like a work of art. Composed by the musical pioneers Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy, the number is filled with dramatic ups and downs emotions. Listening to this beautiful symphony made me feel like I was a part of Malti’s story and her fight for justice. “Ujala ho to jayega kahin na kahin se, andhera bhi chhutega hi kabhi to zameen se” (There will be light, and the darkness will end soon). These lines make me both hopeful and eager for a better future. Arijit Singh is one of India’s most celebrated singers, and this song has made the reason for that clearer. 

Malang: Title Song – Ved Sharma 

Preranna Bagrecha

No remake, no reprise and no remix make the Malang title track a definite 2020 pick. ‘Kaafira to chaldiya iss safar ke sang‘, and here we go on a journey to beyond. You just dive into the mesmerizing video and the beautiful audio the song has. The frequency of the music just vibrates in your ear every time you hear it. It makes you fall in love with all the glitz and glam of parties, takes you back to all your Goa memories and makes you want to be there and experience life from one high to another. The song is calling for you, in the wild, in the thrill, in the adventure. Carpe diem; seize the moment, the music stops all your streams of thought and takes you into a parallel universe. ‘Main beraagi sa jiun, ye bhatkta man,’ is a line any Gen-Z would relate to because of the confusing and chaotic times we live in. The song opens up a different world inside you, and you hopelessly fall into a trance. Last but not least, the originality of the music makes us fall deeper.

Mere Liye Tum Kafi Ho (Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan) – Ayushman Khurana 

Samriddha Dutta

This song came out as a part of the movie Subh Mangal Zyada Savdhan, the very first commercial bid in Bollywood’s recent years to portray a gay couple’s journey through troubles and tribulations into acceptance. This song plays in the background while the two protagonists take a scooter ride down the busy thoroughfares of Delhi, returning home from work. One laying his head on the shoulder of the other, driving the scooty, the pure innocence of the scene is heartwarming. It shows how this is all that matters to them, to be together and be happy. I fell in love with the song in the theatre itself. And ever since I play it to soothe myself whenever I feel troubled. The song doesn’t remind me of some erstwhile lover or a love that could be. It just assures me of the possibility to find love and find someone who is enough to keep you happy in a world that gets nastier by the hour. It reminds me of the hope that people can find their whole world of peace and happiness in just a few moments spent with their object of affections, moments when any and every care in the world stops affecting them.

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 Khabar-e-Tahayyur-e-IshqAli Sethi

Muskan Yousuf

The song has been beautifully sung by Ali Sethi, and is a rendition of a poem by ‘Rumi’. The song just transports me to a transcendental world, with its light music and profound lyrics. Rumi’s work is something beyond the world by itself, and having given it the essence of music is just phenomenal. Though the song’s name is a bit lengthy, the song is only 4 minutes of one’s time. The piece just creates a buzz of peace and calmness. The English subtitles are definitely a plus and the icing on the cake. The sense of divinity that comes with the song compels me to replay it again and again.

Baatein Karo (Baatein Karo) – Vayu

Riya Merin

The way to the heart is through the stomach? I beg to differ. In my opinion, it is through the art of conversation. I came across this soothing track that made me realize how attached we have become to our phones that we do not even communicate with the person right next to us. We are so caught up in our phones, in our jobs, that often the simplest things in life that make us happy are overlooked. Just like the couple in the song who realize the beauty of life when they put away their phones, the warm joy of holding hands, of enjoying a long walk, of making small promises. Anything. As long as you just talk. And the fact that this song was released just before lockdown adds more meaning to the lyrics. Like life gave us a second chance to redeem ourselves at having a proper relationship with our loved ones, to put away our phones and have open, heart to heart talks. But I jovially recommend not tossing away your expensive phone like in the video.

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