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Beating Boredom in The Year of Corona: Rise of the Gaming Industry

Life seemed pretty bland and boring until… Tada!!… Games to the rescue!

Image: Fortnite video game faces surge during lockdown via Epic Games

Sitting at home during lockdown was similar to getting stuck in an infinite time loop movie like ‘Happy Death Day‘ – when you wake up, and it’s the same day over and over again. The same monotonous cycle repeating itself every single day, sleeping in till noon, having brunch, scrolling through Instagram, chilling on Netflix and back to square one. 

Hungry for action and interaction, many youths turned to the gaming world for relief, as a substitute for social communication and to escape the bleak reality of the pandemic. Thus, the online game industry faced the biggest surge ever in the history of gaming during the lockdown, and the sales figures seem to have astonished even the creators of these games. Here are some of the games that became a trend across the world during the lockdown.

Ludo King

Genre: Board Game

Image: Ludo King emerged as the No.1 game in India via

Over 330 million users across India downloaded this application from Gametion Technologies, a modern recreation of the ancient Indian game Pachisi. It emerged as the most popular game of 2020, making its way into songs, memes and online posts. This game’s addictive quests and amazing themes have made it the favourite choice for a group game. What better than a board game to kill boredom!

Available on iOS and Android

Among Us

Genre: Social Deduction

Image: Among Us became trending game in 2020 via

A treacherous world you’ve never experienced before! This innovative game from Inner Sloth, created in 2018 became a sensation across the world during the lockdown. The characters in the game are divided into conniving impostors who sabotage the ship and crewmates who ‘sus’ who the impostor is and kick them out of the game. Be alert as danger lurks at every vent!

Available on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows


Genre: Battle Royale

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Image: PUBG saw an increase in revenue during lockdown via

We cannot mention gaming without referring to PUBG, right? This already popular game became even more popular during the lockdown. Even people who did not consider themselves as gamers found themselves lured into the electrifying world of PUBG. This game that takes place on an island and tests the survival of the fittest (in this case the most armed) made a revenue of 3.5 billion by the lockdown. ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ indeed!

Available on Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PS4


Genre: First-Person Shooter

Image: VALORANT game welcomed with cheer in 2020 via

Transform into an agent in Future Earth, affected by a cataclysmic event, resulting in the formation of humans with supernatural powers called Radiants. This free game created by Riot Games in June garnered a lot of attention, receiving 1.7 million viewers on the day it was released itself. The riveting personas from all over the world and the astounding abilities they possess makes it a highly enjoyable game. Say goodbye to your boring life as you control fire as Phoenix, manipulate wind as Jett and enjoy other incredible powers and cool weapons!

Available on Microsoft Windows

Animal Crossing

Genre: Social stimulation

Image: Animal Crossing became favourite lockdown getaway island via

Nintendo’s finest work ever! This game came in the form of an escape getaway island that takes you far, far away from the world plagued by Corona. The game was well-received by people across the world who said they felt a sense of tranquillity playing this game. A suitable game for those who are not that into action and for those who want to take a stroll in the park but are too lazy to get up. All you have to do now is buy this game, and you can go to your own customized island in just a click!

Available only on Nintendo Switch

Fifa 20

Genre: Sports

Image: Fifa 20 for footfall fans via

The 27th instalment of the Fifa game series released in 2019 provided a platform for football fans to catch up on all the action they were missing out on the field due to the lockdown. No doubt EA Sports made quite the fortune thanks to Covid and even released Fifa 21 in October. Play football all you like in the safety of your home!

Available on Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Stadia

Fall Guys: The Ultimate Knockout

Genre: Battle Royale

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Image: Fall Guys was well received by the world during pandemic via

Slow and steady wins the race? No-No! Quick and careful are more likely to complete. Another game that made a name during the pandemic. Transform into a cute jellybean and run as fast as you can to the finishing line avoiding all the obstacles in the way. But watch out where you go, or else you end up falling into the abyss below.

Available on Microsoft Windows, PS4, Android, iOS


Genre : Sandbox/Survival

Image: Minecraft Mobile Icon via

Mojang’s classic yet exciting game was also a widely played game during the lockdown. This game never ceases to amaze us with its cool features and mobs being added every year. What’s the rush to go out when you can build palaces, mansions and even a kingdom of your own in this evolving game!

Available on Windows, OS X, Linux

League of Legends

Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Image: League of Legends Icon via

As famous as can be, this one-of-a-kind creation from Riot Games grows in popularity by the day. With nowhere to go and time to kill, millions have turned to the legends for action. Can’t wait to see a movie adaptation of this game if it ever happens. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Available on Microsoft Windows, macOS

Call of Duty

Genre: First person shooter

Image: World of conflict in Call of Duty via

Experience the world of war and combat through Call of Duty and its many series that will get your adrenaline rushing and keep you at the edge of your seat. The pandemic being kind of a conflict by itself, this game keeps your mind off the current reality by presenting battle scenarios and warfronts that put your teamwork to the test.

Available on every gaming platform there is in the world

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