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Bollywood Spoofs that Made us Laugh Head Over Heels

Bollywood film makers have always tried their best to scare their audience but have failed most of the times, sadly. Some of the franchises have even degraded with the years passing. These are few movies that will question what horror is for you.

It’s hilarious when horror films turn out to be funny. Here are some Bollywood movies which will make you question your logic at each step. Don’t be scared of the ghost, be scared to kill your horror movie mood. The right time to watch these movies is when you are up for a comedy. Do let us know your thoughts on these movies, obviously after watching it. 


This movie has an IMDb rating of 4.4, welcome to the  funeral of horror films. Yet another cliché revenge movie to prove Emran Hashmi’s love for Raaz series. Raaz Reboot and 1920 London have quite a few things in common especially the story line. Two married couples on their journey to evil. Like all the Raaz films, the sexual element doesn’t seem to work, which shows us how well the lessons have been learned. It just turns out to stupider with every sequel. The concept of the ‘mangalsutra’ is unimaginable, it has the power to fight all evil. The ghost literally just waits for that one precious opportunity, when she is without the ‘mangalsutra’, to possess her.


It still managed to score better than Raaz Reboot on IMDb, with a 5.1. There are several critics of the movie but yet the lovers seem to win. The movie has no chronology and seems to become a failed parody of the horror genre. KRISHNA COTTAGE sets off with a book launch, which has 9-and-a-half stories, written by Raj Zutshi. It’s a mystery, how the author knows about the spirit and how that spirit gets connected to “ Kahi Ankahi Baate”.  The movie becomes predictable at many instances. There are a series of boo scares. The audience is given no scope to understand whether Disha is a ghost or a reincarnation. She was seen by all the friends and Manv even held and hugged Disha. 


The audience was disappointed with the movie getting a 4.6 rating. The story revolves around a man-hunting  tiger, who is a ghost and punishes everyone who crosses the boundaries of the jungle restrictions. In Spite of the warnings given by Kali, Esha Deol still goes and drinks water from the restricted well. Typical human instinct of always doing what is said not to, is seen a million times in this movie. The characters just don’t get a break from their all active pulse systems and are on a constant throb for adventures in the restricted areas. The movie was even criticized for the costumes, as the girls are shown in short skirts in the wild jungle, unafraid of insects and animals in the wild jungle.  


Not quite a surprise, the IMDb rating of this movie is 4.1. Vikram Bhatt seems to have nothing innovative in the box, the same old, revengeful stories, haunted mansions, creaky sounds and rocking chairs. It makes the good franchise bad. Many viewers complained about the lack of sobbing by Shivangi, when her husband was bed-ridden, while major attention went to dress matching and styling. The typical Bollywood end, sacrificing your love after all the mishaps caused. Oh! So tragic. The horror tropes don’t seem to work at all, they are generic and not at all eerie. There are zero spine-chilling moments, making the script an unintentional comedy. The movie ends as a cliché love story rather than horror flick.


Barely winning the audience, the movie recorded a 3.1 on IMDb. It doesn’t really come to us as a shock because of their destructive storyline,  just as destructive as their creature.  Many had complained about the looks of the ‘Brahmarakshas’, plus the sounds made by it weren’t that big a hit. Ahana buys this totally human-restricted, far from life on the Himachal’s to convert it to a hotel, what a great idea to begin with a horror film. The dramatic suspense forced inside the film is applaudable. The creature doesn’t really appear in one go, there are part by part arrivals just like typical Indian soaps, showing the legs, hands, neck and then the face. Well by now we all know why it’s a flop.  


The story begins with the couple going to a mansion for a weekend, unknown to their destiny. The movie fails to dig deep into the history of the house, instead there are only a few spooky scenes shown, which are caught on camera. The film intends to build anxiety induced horror and doesn’t really aim to jerk you off the seat. It’s more of a paranoia than conventional horror. The loud background noises cover up the silences making the horror predictable. There is a lack of subplots and credible information which creates its downfall. The movie Gerald’s game also works on similar ideas. I must say that Ragini MMS was better deserving than 1920 London for a 4.1 IMDb rating. 

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Not bad at all, a 5.7 rating. It not only scored an average on IMDb but also on impressing the audience with its black magic. Their dark power doesn’t really seem to work on the audience. The floor concept just blows your mind off and the door to hell makes you wonder if there is actually a floor like that in your apartment. Existence of a parallel universe in a spooky, old apartment with old mirrors and teak furniture, remarkable and scary. Isn’t it? Though it’s a good idea of mixing hallucinations with occult, the movie seems like an opportunity lost for a smashing hit in the horror genre. The plot isn’t true to its own logic which becomes the sole reason for its failure. 

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