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Schitt’s Creek: The Underdog That Bagged Seven Emmys!

A humorous story about “Riches to Rags” which created a new history.

Ever wondered about a family where the parents are indifferent and carried a “not-so caring” attitude towards their children, so much so that the father carried a stranger’s photo in his wallet and went to someone else’s graduation, both the times, mistaking it to be his daughter while the “actual daughter” was busy shopping on the streets of Thailand with her boyfriend! The mother, on the other hand, a complete drama queen, is much more concerned about her wigs and bags than her “beloved children”, whereas the children are obliviously basking in the web of material satisfaction. These are none other than the ‘Roses’ from the weird town named ‘Schitt’s Creek’!

Recently, the ‘Roses’ created a lot of noise by making a new history at the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards where they bagged not one or two but a total of seven Emmys! In other words, completely swept the categories under the best comedy show. Let’s meet the Roses and find out what’s so special about them.

Meet The Haughty Roses
Image: Starting from left: Moira Rose, Alexis Rose, Johnny Rose and David Rose via Pinterest

This ultra-cosmopolitan, sophisticated, haughty family named the Roses had everything with them – an opulent lifestyle, millions of money wrapped in the air of fame, and an elitist stature. That is until their lives steered in a different direction when they lost all their wealth as they were defrauded by the business manager which left them with nothing except for a small DragsVille town named ‘Schitt’s Creek’ which was bought by Mr Rose as a joke for his son. One could only imagine the irony here. A town once purchased as a joke was to be their new “comfortable-abode”; the Roses indeed had a long way to go. This journey of settling in a small town with a weird name is worth a watch! The epic storyline from “riches to rags” would definitely leave anyone in splits. However, apart from this craziness, the show has a lot more to offer.

Life Changing Journey

Soon upon entering ‘Schitt’s Creek’, their lives completely altered and took a different direction which was accompanied by saying goodbye to their arrogance and luxurious lifestyle. At first, it was difficult for the Roses to settle in, living in cramped up adjacent rooms in a motel with filthy towels and continuous dripping water from the roof but the Roses “endured it all.”

With this being the new normal, the Roses soon changed and showed the town – and us – a different, never-seen-before side. This was possible when they decided to open up their true layers to themselves and to the residents of the town by following the path of self-development, which taught them many little things about life.

The Roses taught us to possess an indomitable spirit of never giving up, especially in dire circumstances, evident when they individually decided to start new business ventures. Self-love, flamboyancy and independence were the three important attributes of growth which radiated from their souls and reached directly into the hearts of the viewers. This openness helped them to establish cordial relations with the other residents which soon altered and culminated into close relationships. Thus, the Roses soon became an upgraded versions of themselves.

When The Underdog Became The Most Beloved!
Image: A still from the show ‘Schitt’s Creek’ via Pinterest

This epic story and the commendable lessons on growth and self-discovery is wrapped under the layers of witty writing and exceptional acting, which gave the show an inevitable success and soon entered the list of unconventional super hit sitcoms. The show is nothing less than an emotional roller coaster, asking us to be kind and compassionate. Apart from this warmth and compassion, the show also focused on creating a homophobic-revisionist reality where same-sex individuals like David and Patrick (David’s fiancé) existed in public harmony without any kind of reaction from the people of Schitt’s Creek and this non-reaction gives us a hope of a world full of acceptance. Because of all the uniqueness and quirkiness, the show became the most beloved. The show is like a giant warm hug, urging us to retain our crazy side and at the same time telling us to paint the world with love and kindness and asking us to cherish little moments of happiness which undoubtedly, has the power to help us be the better versions of ourselves.

Schitt’s Creek is a true gem and a rare find. Come and fall in love with this mad family, as I did!

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“Oh, Schitt’s! The Roses are waiting!”

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