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Tired of Lockdown? Try Winning Against It!

Every now and then, working from home can make you feel tired and unmotivated. Check out a few tips to beat the gloomy lockdown.

Image: Billboard by Edwin Hooper

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world. Every individual, business and industry are suffering because of COVID-19. However, the medical emergency is not the only thing interfering with our day-to-day activities as the lockdown isn’t kind either. Though it is imperative to take all the measurements necessary to fight the battle against the novel coronavirus, the lockdown has reduced the excitement and focus of people. People working from home are not feeling motivated to work or be creative. The start of this lockdown seemed like a vacation from work but, now all everyone wants is to go out. Coronavirus is a serious threat; therefore, going out with a need and precaution is very important. So, we have come up with few tips that can help win against this lockdown.

Get Creative
Image: Paint Boxes by Russn Fckr via Unsplash

Creativity is like a breather from the monotony of life. Painting, dancing, music, cooking, sewing and so many more art forms can help you break your routine. Try and find time to do something creative every day; it will help your mind to reboot. Doing something outside your laptop will not help you in reducing your screen time but also open your mind to newer and exciting things. Cooking is a creative activity that has become a part of many people’s lives in the lockdown days. Experimenting in the kitchen with flavours and cuisines can be an amazing way to distress yourselves from the panic of the pandemic.

Explore New Activities
Image: Gamepad in front of TV by Teddy Guerrier via Unsplash

Monotony is the worst thing that happened during the lockdown. Same routine, same pyjamas and same rooms for over 7 months must have created a need for change. So, our tip for that explores different activities. The gaming industry has utilised this time to come up with many interesting alternate worlds; the most common currently is Among Us. Try exploring these wonders of artificial intelligence and reconnect with friends and family through virtual battle!

Image: People doing Yoga by Anupam Mahapatra via Unsplash

You might have heard and read that exercising is important for a healthy lifestyle a lot of time. But this is required now more than ever. We are spending a lot of time sitting or relaxing in front of screens, whether while working or watching a movie or a TV show. The general movement has become scarce in this lockdown, so you have to find some time every day to get back that movement. Physicians have shown their concerns, that because of this extended period of “working from home,” the number of people suffering from physical problems might increase. You don’t have to go to the gym to workout, a long walk with your loved one will take care of your body as well.

Work on a Desk
Image: Desk and chair by Christian Lambert via Unsplash

The lockdown has taken a load on people’s motivation and enthusiasm to work. Professionals are working 8-10 hours a day, but their productivity is reduced to that of 5-6 hours a day. The idea of getting up, brushing your teeth and coming back to bed to work is resulting in this lack of productivity. So, the tip for dealing with this is, getting a desk and a chair. Studies have shown over and over that one can never use their full potential in the place one sleeps. Hence, working on a table with a fresh face and nicely brewed coffee will do wonders with the productivity in your work.

Get Good Internet
Image: Wires Plugging into router by Thomas Jensen via Unsplash

Meetings, calls, classes and more have shifted all to the fascinating world of internet. However, in India, good internet is rarer than clean streets. This lack of fast browsing has created a lot of issues for students and professionals during important conferences. So, our next tip for you to win against this lockdown is invest in faster internet. Fast internet can help you save both time and energy during these online sessions. The concept of working from home does not seem to go anywhere anytime soon. Hence, it will be useful to have efficient resources to deal with it.

Groom Yourself
Image: Make up Brushes by Raphael Lovaski via Unsplash

Staying home is making people gloomy and lazy. We are not motivated to dress up, put on makeup or even groom ourselves with the excuse, “Where do we have to go?” Dressing up, shaving or putting on makeup is one’s way to feel ready to face the world. Coco Channel once said, “Add lipstick and attack.” This is the attitude we need right now to tackle this pandemic and lockdown. So, when you are prepping to start your working day, put on work clothes and groom yourself a little, to feel happy and energetic. Another reason to do so is so that your clothes will also not feel lonely!

Take Breaks
Image: Women reading and drinking coffee by Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

Though this pandemic has given us many lazy days, weekends on weekdays, lack of motivation, and so much more, it has also taken our ability to take breaks. As office hours are becoming flexible due to work from home concept, people are not finding that ‘switch’ between work and home. That is why it is very imperative to find that switch and know when to take a break. Treat working from home like you are in the office. Start early in the morning, take coffee and lunch breaks, stroll around your office (home) and finally end your workday.

The world is flustered with pain and panic; everyone is worried about their jobs, families and community. Hence, if you are in a position where you can work from the safety of your houses, thank your stars and the first responders that are keeping you safe. So, stay home if you can, and stay safe and hopefully, these few tips will help you win against this lockdown.

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