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The Taste of Surat: A Tale of an Exquisite Palate!

Explore the unique cuisine of a unique city!

A city known for its beautiful diamonds and textiles wrapped in the layers of rich history and culture which brings out the beauty and life of its residents is none other than Surat. This vibrant city is also painted by the colours of a unique palate made for Surtis (slang used for people living in Surat) and its visitors. There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm within the people of Surat, who despite the hustle-bustle and the mundane office routine, explore the streets filled with food stalls, where one can even sit on the pavement and enjoy the food.

“Surat nu jaman ane Kashi nu maran”, a famous saying which means that one should eat in Surat and die in Kashi for a soulful experience. Don’t know about the latter but we can surely take you through the first one!

Surat nu Jamvanu List (Food to eat in Surat)


Image: Locho via Shutterstock

The “troubled” creation of Surat with a unique origin story, Locho was an accidental invention when a chef mistakenly added more water than required to the khaman batter, which ultimately made it lose its consistency and shape, hence, named “Locho”. It is undoubtedly, the most beloved mistake of Surtis. Jani Fashan offers the best locho in the city!


Image: Dhokla via Shutterstock

Next in line, is Dhokla, a famous dish of Surat. This dish gained more limelight with its mention in the movie ‘3 Idiots‘ especially with its iconic chutney scene (if you know what I mean and if you don’t, I would suggest you watch ‘3 Idiots‘). This soft-yellow, spongy substance would instantly melt in your mouth. Lightweight and light taste, this is the perfect go-to snack which would definitely quest the insatiable hunger! The best place to eat Dhokla is from Radhe Dhokla.


Image: Dabeli via Hebbars Kitchen

Dabeli, also known as Kutchi Dabeli or Double Roti, originated in the Kutch region of Gujarat. It is made from a burger bun and is stuffed with varying ingredients: mashed potatoes mixed with special dabeli masala, sweet and sour chutney and onions garnished with peanuts, pomegranate and sev, thereby, including a blast of varied flavours which would definitely make your mouth water. Best place to hog Dabeli is from Dilip Dabeli.


Image: Thepla via Shutterstock

Searching for a light, wholesome meal? Well, your search ends here, presenting the most scrumptious food straight from the Kitchen of Surat – thepla. Thepla, like Dhokla, would instantly melt in your mouth and would definitely compel you to grab another bite! It is very lightweight and is the best travel buddy for all the Gujaratis. The go-to joint for Theplas in Surat is Rekhaben’s Namkin.

Bhajiyas (Fritters)

Image: Bhaijyas via Shutterstock

Known by varying names such as Pakodas, Fakkuras and Ponako across the country but lovingly called “Bhaijya” in Surat, this dish has a trial of followers. This snack which is small in size, can be easily gobbled in a span of a few seconds! The best place to eat Bhaijyas is at the Dumas Beach (Fun fact: Also known as the haunted place of Surat) which offers different types of Bhaijyas – with the most famous being the tomato bhaijyas.


Image: Fafda-Jalebi via Shutterstock

The power-pack combination offers different flavours on one plate. With fafdas offering a crunchy taste and Jalebi, a sweet, tangy taste dipped in the pool of sugar, is the perfect sweet-salty combination and is the most appropriate brunch for a lazy afternoon! The best eatery is Jani Farshan.

Egg Ghotala

Image: Egg Ghotala via Shutterstock

A unique name, Egg Ghotala is a spicy half-friend egg preparation served with pav and can be called as the “protein” version of pav-bhaji. It is definitely a must-try for all the egg lovers! Bhai Bhai Omelet centre offers the best Egg Ghotala in the city!


Image: Undhiyu via Shutterstock

Undhiyu, the perfect Gujarati cult dish, is derived from the word “undhu” meaning upside-down. It is one of the most wholesome dishes made from eight vegetables and is not only the most delicious dish but is also the heartbeat of Surtis. The best restaurant to eat Undhiyu is undoubted, Sasuma Gujarati Thali.

Ponk Vada

Image: Ponk Vada via Dassana Amit

Jowar (Sorghum) Millet fritters, better called as Ponk Vada in Surat, is the perfect winter delight. One could enjoy these vadas with a hot cup of tea during the winter season. Soft and tender as a gelatin dessert, Ponk Vada will definitely lighten your day! One can get the best Ponk Vadas from Shreenathji Ponk Vada Center.


Image: Sosyo via

Initially named as Socio, is the most unique cold drink of Surat invented by Mr Abbas Rahim Hajoori in 1923. It is the most refreshing home-grown drink which would make you forget about Coke and is a must-try!

These are some of the most amazing dishes to be tried by all the foodies out there! In case you are planning to come to Surat for some work or for shopping, make sure to follow Hansa Bhabhi’s instruction (a character from the show Khichdi) ” Khana Khake Jaana Ha..”

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