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Dawat-e-Dilli: A Guide to Famous Food in Delhi

Chole Bhature, Matar Kulche, Bhalla Papdi…mouth already watering? Find an ultimate guide to the street foods of Delhi.

Image via ABCD of Cooking

Delhi is famous for a lot of things – Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Akshardham Temple and much more. But one thing, I love the most about Delhi is the food. From ‘Gol Gappe’ on the streets of Chandni Chowk to ‘Chole Bhature’ in Karol Bagh, the food in Delhi is beyond delicious. Street vendors in the city have been operating for decades and feeding locals, tourists – rich or poor – with the same love and hospitality. So, let’s dive into the land of deliciousness that you can enjoy in the capital city.

Chole Bhature
Image: Chole Bhature via Shutterstock

The true love of every North Indian. Spicy chickpea curry with cottage cheese stuffed fried bread is the epitome of delicious. Chole Bhature has a special place in the heart of the city and there are numerous places to get this mouth-watering delight.

Best places to try – Om Corner (Karol Bagh) and Sita Ram Diwan Chand (Paharganj)

Matar Kulcha
Image: Matar Kulcha via Copy me that

A popular street food of Delhi that is tangy, spicy and topped with onions and tomatoes. It is a semi-thick with peas chaat recipe you can enjoy on its own or with soft kulcha. If you are visiting the capital city to enjoy great food, this delicacy is a must.

Best places to try – Nai Sarak (Chandni Chowk) and Banta Chole Kulche (Rohini)

Moth Kachori
Image: Moth Kachori via Karan Food Fanatic

A crispy spicy kachori served on a bed of gravy is a must-have in Delhi. This is not like the famous Jaipuri Kachoris or Aloo Kachori outside Delhi railway stations. This is its version of North India’s go-to fried snack. The gravy is made of rice, moth (lentils) and spices.

Best places to try – Multan Moth Bhandhar (Paharganj) and Prince Moth Kachori (Uttam Nagar)

Bhalla Papdi
Image: Bhalla Papdi via Archana Kitchen

A lip-smacking snack made of fried urad dal balls dipped in whipped curd. The white, creamy and tender Dahi Bhalla topped with drizzled laces of sweet and sour tamarind chutney is a delicacy to savour. Delhi is the best place to enjoy this delightful dish.

Best places to try – Natraj Dahi Bhalla (Chandni Chowk) and Bittoo Tikki Wala (Netaji Subhash Place)

Ram Ladoo
Image: Ram Ladoo via Archana Kitchen

Classic famous street food from Delhi, and can instantly spike up the tempo of your trip to the city. Ladoo is usually thought of as a sweet dish but, Ram Ladoo is a savoury titbit made with a batter of dals and spices that will take you to another planet. These amazing ‘ladoos’ are topped with grated radish, chaat masala and green and sweet chutneys.

Best places to try – Rakesh Ram Laddu (Saket) and Ram Ladoo Bhandar (Krishna Nagar)

Chur Chur Naan
Image: Chur Chur Naan Thali via Instagram

Delhi is known for its Punjabi influence, and this influence is often seen in the food. Chur Chur Naan is one such example. Delicious crispy bread stuffed with spices, vegetables or paneer served with Dal Makhani, Chole or Curd is the perfect meal for winters.

Best places to try – Sanjay Chur Chur Naan (Lajpat Nagar) and Chawla De Mashoor Special Naan (Paharganj)

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Image: Kebabs over charcoal via Uniquely India / Getty Images

Delhi has been capital to many kingdoms over the history. Throughout this long history, the city has adopted several cultures, Mughal being one of them. From rolls to korma, biryani, and kebabs, you can find them at every of the city. Especially the melt-in-mouth kebabs of all kinds

Best places to try – Qureshi Kebab Corner (Jama Masjid) and Ghalib Kebab Corner (Nizamuddin)

Daulat Ki Chaat
Image: Daulat ki Chaat via Wander and Hunger

The soufflé like dessert served with ‘karara’, buttery crumble made on the streets of Chandni Chowk is the best sweet dish I have ever had in my life. Vendors start churning milk to make this light yet rich dessert at the first light of dawn and leave it to set in the morning dew.

Best place to try – Streets of Chandni Chowk

Image: Kulfi via Swiggy

Smooth and rich Indian ice cream is a go-to dessert for families in Delhi after a big Punjabi meal. Flavoured kulfi with falooda is a guilty pleasure for thousands of people around the city. No chocolate, strawberry or vanilla ice cream can beat the taste and texture of street kulfi for Delhiites.

Best places to try – Roshan Di Kulfi (Karol Bagh) and Siya Ram Nannumal Kulfiwale (Ajmeri Gate)

Image: Paan via The Teaching Doc/Shuttershock

Ending a meal with meetha paan is an age-old tradition of Indian hospitality. This tradition is no longer just practised in India but has also travelled through international borders. So, we have to end our guide with a recommendation for you to get a refreshing and delicious paan after spending the day eating amazing food.

Best places to try – Odeon Gupta Paan (Connaught Place) and Shaan-e-Paan (Amar Colony)

Delhi is commonly known as “Dilwalo ka Shehar” (City of people with big hearts), and we love to feed people until their hearts are full. So, enjoy this guide for some of the many amazing delicacies that you can enjoy in the capital city.

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