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Puppets Take Over the Runway: Moschino’s Innovative Fashion Show

Moschino surprised everyone at Milan Fashion week 2020 with it’s completely new take on runway fashion shows by bringing in miniature versions of the models.

source: moschino website

With the world gradually coming back to normal, runway fashion weeks have found their mid-way by becoming phygital. We see a lot of changes in how the fashion shows go about now after resuming post the covid era. But taking the fashion game to a whole different level at the Milan Fashion week, Moschino stood out while they pulled off a muppet show to showcase their Spring Summer collection for 2021.

You could see the models walking from the backstage and guests cramped up in the audience and the beautiful couture collection of the Italian luxury house. But what was missing during the whole show were the actual humans. Creative Director, Jeremy Scott, showcased the collection in a bright and furry setting but with a completely unusual muppet show with marionette models, in fact even the front row was marionette which had a marionette of Anna Wintour as well. The fashion house collaborated with Jim Henson’s Creature shop to create 40 looks to bring this dream of Scott to reality. 

Scott told Vogue that he had the vision of bringing muppets on the runway for a long time. By the looks of it, the miniature fashion show did look like an easier job than the actual runway as it was a much more dainty version. But only the people behind the scenes know how difficult it was to create these miniature haute couture marionette models, which, interestingly enough, were more expensive to pull off than a regular fashion show. Every piece of clothing was first made in a regular size to fit the models and then was shrunk down to fit the 30 inches marionette models. 

Image: Jeremy Scott’s Muppet via

Scott’s collection like most times was an ode to haute couture and craftsmanship. Scott’s inspiration came from how “upside down” the year 2020 has been. To portray how the year has been topsy-turvy for everyone around the world, elements that are usually hidden are actually brought to the forefront. Zippers, trims, unfinished pockets, seams, etc. are left openly for the audiences to notice and correlate the collection with how the year turned our lives upside down. But what is commendable is the fact that even with such small puppets, every look from the collection was portrayed with proper attention being paid to the intricacies and details of the design. Kudos to the artists! 

The collection involved pieces like cocktail gowns, vintage bustier dresses, skirt suits and what not. The curtains were drawn on the show with a miniature Scott puppet in his signature Moschino t-shirt, waving at us. All in all, Moschino tried to spice things up by doing something that is completely unconventional. Even when the runway shows have resumed on stage, Scott pivoted from regularity and brought about great innovation in the world of runway fashion. Let’s check out the whole collection.


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