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Are You Adventurous Enough to Try These Untypical Ice Cream Flavours?

Anything could be turned into an ice cream flavour, you name it. Here are 10 most outrageous ice cream flavours from around the globe.

An Indonesia based creamery handcrafted a new flavour of ice cream, turning the ‘nation’s pride,’ Indomie Goreng noodles into a piece of viral news. The concoction invented by Holi Ice cream, which is garnished with fried onions (as the original noodles), received mixed reactions from netizens. However, it isn’t the first time that the Mie Goreng noodles have been a subject of innovation. An Indonesian YouTuber once chose to raise the bar and added cockroaches to the instant noodles—quite an upgrade.

The sweet and savoury flavour of ice cream garnered appreciation as well as objections. So, I began my quest (on the internet) to find if any other flavour can beat the new addition to the family. And here is what I rooted out. Anything could be turned into ice cream; you name it.

Freezing cold cheat-ohs

Big Gay Ice Cream brought into being their vanilla and cheese flavoured ice cream, coated with Cheetos dust on Presidents day. The experimental flavour turned into an absolute hit which made them bring it back to the stores. 

Slice, slice baby

Remember the universal debate over ‘pineapple on pizza’? While a little sweet topping sparked a debate, the Two Roosters Ice Cream, in Raleigh, put a whole pizza inside an ice cream cone.

Too much garlic?

The Stinking Rose is a California based garlic restaurant, quite literally. They say “we season our garlic with food,” and that mantra surely led them to the idea of introducing their iconic garlic ice cream.

P.S. Is Monica the head chef here? (Subtle F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reference).

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A scoop of ice and fire

A ghost pepper’s versatility could be measured by the fact that it’s an ingredient to make non-lethal weapons, called ‘chilli grenades’, and also used as an ice cream flavour. Can’t decide on sweet or spicy? The Ice Cream Store in Delaware has brought together the ‘best of both worlds’ for you.

Soulful treat

What’s a good breakfast option? Chicken and waffle. What’s a better breakfast option? Ice cream. Put those together, and you have the fried chicken and waffle ice cream. Coolhaus, a premium ice-cream seller, has given this soul food an unusual spin.


Kimchi (a fermented side dish) is an inseparable part of Korean culture and cuisine. From traditional forms to modern, Kimchi is a constant. But who could have thought the banchan could be turned into a frozen treat? Well, Clementine’s Creamery did. And this flavour is now a highlight at the Seoul Q, a Korean barbeque in the Delmare loop.

Fun fact: It’s not flavoured but made with actual kimchi. 

Lobster is Main(e)

Mainers are so devoted to lobsters that they host an annual event dedicated to this crustacean, the Maine lobster festival. Hence, Ben and Bill’s chocolate emporium levelled up the game and added lobster ice cream to their menu. It is butter-infused ice cream with chunks of lobster (also cooked in butter). Keep a bib handy if you ever visit Maine. 

That’s fishy

Squid ink or Ikasumi is a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Kita No Aisu Ya San (Ice Cream Shop of the North), has been drawing tourists to the place because of their black coloured squid ink ice cream. However, that’s not the only ‘non-traditional’ flavour there.

Sakura nikku

Amazed? Although this might raise some eyebrows, raw horse meat is a delicacy in Japan. The dish is prepared in the same manner as sashimi. So, the horse flesh flavoured ice cream at the Ice cream city in Namja Town (an indoor amusement park), Tokyo, is just one of the highlights among the numerous other unique flavours such as cow tongue and octopus. 

Going Gaga

Definitely a headline-worthy idea. The launch of the ‘Baby Gaga’ flavour made with breast milk expectedly created controversy, but the first batch went sold out. The Icecreamists, London, serves this unwonted yet 100% authentic ice cream flavoured with vanilla and lemon zest.  

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Goreng noodles ice cream doesn’t seem strange anymore, does it?

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