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Minimalistic Fashion Boundaries: Join the No-Frills Club

“The basic idea is simple: by building a capsule wardrobe you will buy fewer clothes of a higher quality that you will wear more often. You will look and feel confident and successful because the quality will show and because you know that the overall look works,” as Faux states.

Minimalistic Fashion Boundaries: Join The No-Frills Club

Minimalism creates boundaries that lend a hand to attain freedom.

I have nothing to wear- a statement, infamous in the meme culture, is often directed at women and their dilemma over getting dressed. Well, this rings true to an extent and not just for women. There are days when standing in front of our closet full of clothes, glaring at them becomes a morning ritual. Ugh! The exhaustion of assembling an outfit every day. But did you know that the solution to your problem was already introduced back in the 1970s?

Minimal history

Owner of a London-based boutique, named Wardrobe, Susie Faux coined the term ‘capsule wardrobe,’ which aims at a well-equipped collection of essentials for all seasons. Faux’s goal behind her anew collection was to add high quality, versatile pieces of clothes which are interchangeable. Decluttering the mess and minimalistic approach to fashion remains the core of the concept.  

“The basic idea is simple: by building a capsule wardrobe you will buy fewer clothes of a higher quality that you will wear more often. You will look and feel confident and successful because the quality will show and because you know that the overall look works,” as Faux states. Later, the idea was popularized by American designer Donna Karan in the US with her first line, the Seven Easy Pieces. The concept has been revived decades later as a modern way-out to our clothing quandary.  

Why opt for an edited closet?

Image: Sarah Brown (Unsplash)

A low-key style of dressing up might sound boring initially but it can turn out to be quite a practical revamp of your wardrobe. Having to choose among fewer clothes lands you with the out-and-out reliable collection. The first step to achieve a capsule wardrobe would be decluttering the existing piles in your closet. Reach out to the dark nooks of it, pull out those duds you never touch, replace it with the itch to buy new clothes and never touch it again. Voila! You just got KonMaried.  

A capsule wardrobe is a time-saver. Imagine rolling out of your bed and getting into an outfit that you know would work. That’s a pathway to feel more confident. No hours of switching attires and the joy of making your style pennyworth. A win-win. While following the ‘less is more’ mantra you’ll save a fortune. Investing in higher quality apparels proves to be far more beneficial in the long run.   

Lastly, a pared-down collection leaves you with the finest choices. Unleashing your creative side to work with a lesser assortment of clothes would achieve you the best results out of your capsule wardrobe. Experiment with your looks and bring out the individuality through your style. 

How to rebuild your wardrobe?

Image: Victor Garcia (Unsplash)

Rebuilding your wardrobe doesn’t necessarily exclude all your existing clothes. Though you’ll be starting from scratch, the “yes pile” (clothes that you love and often wear) can stay. The old ones and the new arrivals can gel in your streamlined selection. The foremost in your mind should be a few base colours, such as black, white, brown, grey, or navy, to follow. It would serve as the foundation of your wardrobe and you can buy items in the shades of the chosen scheme to curate varied looks. The base colours should then be paired with brighter colours which are complimentary. Neutral or earthy tones are a way to go and they’ll add a classy touch to your collection. Faux’s idea of minimalism was based on the essentials that would never go out of fashion. Therefore, to stay on track you need to choose prints and patterns which are classics and forever relevant. The aim is to minimalise the collection to staples and maximise the out-turn in the longer run. 

Quality over quantity is the motto. Splashling out on high-quality pieces will enrich the sartorial taste. Since you’ll be wearing the garms frequently, the fabrics you opt for have to be fine and well made. 

The essentials

For Men- Trench coat, Puffer jacket, Denim jacket, Basic tees, Well fitted jeans, Flannel shirt, Tailored shirt, Linen shirt, Chinos, Navy blue or Grey suit, Trousers, Blazer, Ties, Oxford shoes, Boots, Sneakers, Trainers, Sandals, Sweatpants, Hoodies, Balck or brown belt. 

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For Women- Overcoat, Leather jacket, Puffa jacket, Bomber jacket, Blazer, Blue, and black jean, Wide leg pant, Work pant, Leather pant, Lounge pant, Oversized shirt, Silk shirt, Short-sleeve tee, Long-sleeve tee, Turtleneck, Cami top, Knit jumper, Hoodie/sweater, Cocktail dress, Seasonal dress, The skirt, Denim short/skirt

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