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Madhya Pradesh Indori Food: A Tingle to Your Taste Buds

The heaps of Poha, the delicious chaat, the jewelry market that turns into the Sarafa bazar lane with hundreds of stalls selling different dishes, all these things satisfy the soul of a foodie.

The spellbinding food at Indore is surely going to entice you towards the city. The heaps of Poha, the delicious chaat, the jewelry market that turns into the Sarafa bazar lane with hundreds of stalls selling different dishes, all these things satisfy the soul of a foodie. So let’s dive into this foodie’s paradise. 

Poha Jalebi

It is the numero uno when it comes to Indori food and is definitely mouthwatering. Poha Jalebi is the most common breakfast and is the tastiest one as well. The unusual combination of spicy and flavoursome Poha with sweet Jalebi makes it such a delicious breakfast. But according to me the deal cracker is the spice namkeen that is added on top of the poha that binds the dish together by complementing the sweetness of the Jalebi. Going around the city you can see these beautifully decorated heaps of Poha and hot wok filled with oil to fry the Jalebi. You should definitely try this dish that is a delight to savour. 

Image: Poha Jalebi via Fuzia
Baked Samosa 

Samosa, as all Indians must be knowing, is the delicious fried patty with potato filling inside. But our version is a slightly healthier one like a flaky patty called the ‘Baked Samosa’. It is filled with potato stuffing, tomato ketchup, onions and the famous Indori sev. And there it is! Your heavenly parcel wrapped steaming hot in the newspaper, the “Bana Hua Samosa”. 

Best place to try- Lucky Bakery

Image: Baked Samosa via Facebook
Bhutte ka kees

One of the most famous dishes of Indore is Bhutte ka Kees which is a dish prepared by mashing boiled corn which is fried in ghee and then is mixed with spices and gram flour to get that amazing taste. This dish is a no-miss for sure. 

Best place to try- Sawariya Chaat House, Sarafa Bazaar

Image: Bhutte ka Kees via Getty Images
Dahi Bade

This impeccable dish is made of fried and soaked lentil balls served with dahi and topped off with powdered spices and tangy chutney. The most famous Joshi Dahi Bada house has a special way of preparing the dish by tossing the bada in the air sometimes to please the public eye. We fall short of words to describe how delicious this dish is so you have to try it for yourself!

Image: Dahi Bade via Instagram
Khopra Patties

This unique snack from Indore is a novel innovation from the city’s famous snack center Vijay Chaat House. The dish is a perfect round potato patty which is filled with grated coconut in the middle and is then deep fried. To enhance the taste of the dish, a tangy chutney is served with it. It is an absolute delight to your taste buds. 

Best place to try- Vijay Chaat House

Image: Khopra Patties via Flickr
Johny Hot Dog

It’s a vegetarian hotdog!! Yes. you heard it right. The iconic Johny Hot Dog at Chappan Dukaan is nowhere near similar to an American hotdog, it can be better understood as an Indori burger. The crunchy tawa fried aloo tikkis nestled inside a toasted bun served with ketchup and green chutney is an Indori’s pleasure. The outlet’s “Egg Benjo” which is a spicy omelette sandwiched inside a bun is also a people’s favourite. Vijay Singh’s Johny Hot Dog also won the award for being the most ordered dish on UberEats in all of the Asia-Pacific region in 2019 beating the likes of global brands like McDonald’s and KFC. 

Image: Johnny Hot Dog via Flickr

This exotic dessert made by layering sabja seeds, vermicelli, rose syrup topped with chilled rabdi and ice cream is a must try when in Indore. The best of this dessert can be found at the Sarafa Bazaar, Nema Kulfi(famous dessert shop) and Sindhi Colony.

Image: Falooda via Facebook

If you’re visiting Indore in winters Garadu has to be your go-to dish. This is a variety of yam which is fried twice before tossing it into spices and lemon juice and is then served hot. The dish makes for the perfect comfort food in the chilly winters of Indore.

Best place to try- Sarafa Bazaar

Image: Garadu via Flickr

Everyone must have eaten the traditional Dal kachori or the Aloo kachori but Indore has much more to offer to you. This traditional Indian snack is a popular dish in the city and can be found at almost every stall. What makes ‘Indori Kachori’ so special is the variety of stuffings that include aloo(potato), pyaaz(onion), matar(peas), hara chana(green chickpea), and even bhutte(corn). This is one of the most famous Indori snack.

Best places to try: Ravi Alpahar, Lal Balti Kachori

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Image: Kachori via Unsplash

Moong bhajiya

These are lentil balls which are deep fried and served hot with green chutney and fried and salted green chillies. They are often accompanied by Chai, making for the best evening snack especially during monsoons. 

Best place to try- Mahalaxmi Moong ke Bhajiye

Image: Moong Bhajiya via Unsplash

Indori Namkeen is the best takeaway that a city could provide you with. These crispy and flavourful salties come in a huge variety especially in Indore and Indians not only residing in the country but also those residing abroad are huge patrons of these. Being world-famous for namkeens, Indore provides you with a variety of options like multiple types of sev(laung,lahsun, Ujjaini, Ratlami, Tamatar sev,etc), chivda, mixtures, mathris, aloo bhujia, and whatnot. These scrumptious snacks should be on everyone’s list of things to eat in Indore and trust me these won’t disappoint you. 

Best places to try: Om Namkeen, Mahendra Namkeen

Image: Indore’s Namkeen via Facebook

Don’t go by the deceitful name, this is not your regular summertime drink made of lemon juice. Indori Shikanji is a beautiful blend of yogurt with nuts and lots of sugar. The drink is rich in texture and is a full meal in itself. 

Best places to try- Madhuram Sweets at Chappan Dukaan

Image: Shikanji via Getty Images

So what are you waiting for? Come and experience this food trail like never before. We welcome you with open arms and hope that you satiate the foodaholic within you.

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