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Udita Jain

An opinionated journalism student. Big time Bollywood fan. Sucker for comedy. Proud Gryffindor.

For Me, Art is a Medium to Communicate: Anjali Kamat

Nruthya Johnson

An open-minded introvert with strong beliefs, and an avid reader since her father bought her first comic-book.

Looking at the 20 Best Rock Bands of All Time

Riya Merin

A stargazer with a penchant for words and chocolates. A fan of Greek lore and dystopian novels.

Konyak Nagas of the North-East: The Last Headhunters of India

Rishika Arora

A curious mind looking to explore stories around the world.

Puppets Take Over the Runway: Moschino’s Innovative Fashion Show

Preranna Bagrecha

An asocial ambivert. A dreamer, living life in a magical realm. Piscean on a quest for true happiness.

15 Rarest Diseases Ever Contacted by Humankind

Khushi Sehgal

Always a work in progress... An ambivert focused on exploring the unexplored. Insatiable quest for knowledge and a big time foodie!

“Embrace Your Individuality and Always Love Yourself”- Akhshaya Navaneethan

Sera Grace John

Multitasker with an infectious smile and pocket full of poetry. Plath and cheese are evergreen favourites!

Intersectional Feminism in India – What, How And Why?

Priya Hazra

I am a self-proclaimed professional procrastinator. Maybe, I'll write this later.

I Would Love to Invite Lady Diana and Serve Khichdi: Chef Dhruv Oberoi

Nikita Dahiya

A second-year English Literature student with a penchant for procrastination and long walks.

“For You”: Keeping You Entertained Since 2016

Samriddha Dutta

An aspiring journalist and writer. Literature major.

Vaidehi, the Kid Diva Who’s Dancing Her Way to Our Hearts

Rishika Kashyap

A student journalist obsessed with earrings and animals

Sutharshini – Growing Out Of Stigma To Shaping A Heavenly Voice

Muskan Yousuf

Profusely in love with nature and its enticing mysteries, passionate about writing and an ardent follower of Rumi's work.

Have it here or do not have it all – WAZ-WAN

Anirudh TR

Jack of all spades, Jackass of all trades funnily summarises Anirudh's wit, vocabulary, and personality. A public seeker and public speaker, Anirudh is basically an extrovert with a purpose to educate and learn at the same time

Sputnik Soviet space program: Why so restless Kessler?